Living with Hypertension

Today, I found out that a colleague was hospitalized after the company trip because she didn’t properly take care of herself while on holiday. She left her bag filled with shopping goods and her medicine unattended and it got stolen! When she got back to KL, she didn’t go and see a doctor immediately and waited another day and now, she had to be hospitalized because of erratic reading of her blood pressure.

When I first suspected to suffer from hypertension, I was visiting my sister where she was warded for anorexia. I was having a massive headache. Felt as if my skull is going to split open anytime. When the nurses were there to take her blood pressure, she asked me them to take mine as well. It was a shocking 220/110! The nurse couldn’t believe it and she retook my pressure. She said to me – if I were you, I think I should be dead by now. Haha! But she didn’t even refer me to the doctors. I drove home, with extremely high pressure and went to see a doctor immediately. After 3 blood tests, I was confirmed suffering from massive hypertension and was on medication since.

I guess it’s really no joke to be walking around with such high blood pressure. I would have suffered stroke that instance if I wasn’t lucky enough!

Anyway, back to living with hypertension. Sometimes, when things happened, we would just conveniently blame it on our disease. Haha. Here are some jokes, I want to share with you people.

1. When the tsunami hit Sri Lanka and parts of Asia in 2004, my uncle and aunts were in Port Weld. They felt the tremors as well but they never thought it was an earthquake! They were having terrible dizzy spells and thought, they must have forgotten to take high blood pressure medicine that morning!

2. I felt the building shook last week when I was resting my arm on the table. Didn’t know if it’s my blood pressure acting on me but I could actually feel my entire body shook while sitting idly in my office’s cubicle.

3. A friend once told me, I have nothing in common with him. I said we do. Both of us are suffering from hypertension.

4. My mom is also on hypertension pills. She is given a 3x per day medication but being stubborn and she thinks she’s a doctor, she only take 2x a day. Only when she felt slightly dizzy, she would take the 3rd dose for the day. Once, it was too late that she had to be hospitalized and yet, she blamed it on the 3rd dose. She said, she felt fine till she decided to take the third dose. But she never blamed the lamb/ bubur cha cha she ate the night before.

5. A week before my mom goes for her quarterly blood pressure check ups, she would drink herbs, eat celery, taking medicine religiously and swear off ikan masin. Immediately after the doc said her blood pressure is good, she would come home and fried ikan masin for the entire week!

6. My colleague told me that, when they visited our sick colleague awhile ago in the hospital, her blood pressure jumped rom 170 to 190. LOL. I think must be because the boss visited her and she’s kanjiong!

7. All my aunts and my mom have hypertension. So, it’s really funny to see all of them taking tablets together after meal and compare dosages, colors of tablets, and bitched about their doctors. Whenever, they go holiday, first thing I asked them is – did you bring your medicine with you, instead of got your passport?

Living with hypertension sucks. So, you have to take care of your health before it’s too late.

6 thoughts on “Living with Hypertension

  1. Wei … don’t recall any after shock reports last week …. oh dear…. don’t play play wor…. it better not be effects of hypertension ok? Sounds scary …

    • Perhaps you should get a second opinion? I was on Rm30 course per month for SO MANY freaking years.. and recently, I found out I could get the same medicine for only Rm18 course per month! Geez! Been paying the blood sucker doctor for so many freaking years!

  2. mine was really not controlled that well. Hence, had a checkup with a heart specialist. readings taken now are better.

    How come so cheap! RM30 per month! RM18 lagi cheaper!! Mine is >RM100 per one mth course. since I take two types, and another ..cough…cough… medication to reduce cholesterol, the cost is more than RM300 per mth. luckily company cover, if not, hv to find ways to reduce costs.

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