It’s OK To Be Alone

I was listening to One FM during one of my drives home when I came upon this “community service” message.

“It’s ok to be alone!”

I chuckled at the thought. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous that people need to be reminded it’s ok to be alone? On second thought, I guess with the increasing cases of deception and lies you read on newspapers which made you cringe, it’s good to let people know precisely that!

Being a woman is very challenging. When you are not married, people would be very unkind and gives you all kinds of degrading remarks. If you behave more strictly, people would label you as “deranged”. Honestly speaking, I’ve encountered a few of such spinsters who behave just that. LOL.

If you want to get married, pray hard that you will find the right man. Otherwise you would just get yourself into a deep shit. I see some of my friends who are married and yet, they are never happy. Their happiness short lived once all kinds of difficulties crept into their relationship – financial worries, differences in opinions, health issues, cheating, etc. Well, even when you are not attached, you are also plagued by such problems, it’s just that they are not exponentially damaging compared to problems of two individuals combined!

Don’t get me wrong. I am very supportive for the sanctity of a marriage. I believe two individuals (regardless of sexual orientation) love each other; they should be together and make their own life’s journey.

If you are alone now, it doesn’t mean you would be alone forever. For the time being, just enjoy having “ME” time till the right one comes along. Then, by all means, go ahead and make your own life’s songs.

Remember the OneFM message, “It’s OK to be alone!”

Speaking of inability to be alone, did you read the newspaper this morning? I found this piece of news here. It’s insane!

Some Westerners are beginning to adopt the Chinese custom of conducting “ghost marriages”, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The newspaper reported that an American man had sought the help of a 71-year-old medium in Singapore to help his deceased sister look for a husband in the nether world.

Medium Khor Gin Huan claimed that she would normally conduct 10 such ceremonies per month.

Khor said she would charge locals RM4,140 for one ceremony while the services could cost up to RM23,365 for foreigners.

Seriously? Is there even a guarantee that your deceased sister will find her “new husband” in the Kingdom of Hades? And WHY would you want to be married in hell? Well, if you believe in Chinese customary, I would like to suggest that, instead of paying RM23k for some hog wash, why don’t you just burn her a paper vibrator?

8 thoughts on “It’s OK To Be Alone

  1. Of course it’s OK to be alone…. I think it takes skill to be comfortable in your own skin without having to rely on anybody else….. Don’t fall prey to norms imposed by society… That’s why confidence tricksters always manage to con women… they prey on their fears…sigh…

    • Right.. I think it’s easier to prey and feed on people’s fears than to convince people who do not conform to the norms of the society. I am quite comfortable in my own skin… plenty of skin. Haha!

    • Yes, Ai Shiang. It’s damn true! I can never understand people who still stick together even when there is no love anymore.. and they stick for practicality sake… such a sad way to live a life.

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