Random Notes


Awhile ago, I wrote of some misfortunes happening to me. However, it was really a miracle to learn many things happened for a reason. Sometimes when the shit has hit the fan, we thought of the worst, feeling helpless. However, in my case, things turned out to be miraculous. An unfortunate incident eventually turned out to be really great, and led to good things to another unfortunate incident. All I can say is, thank God! And, always leave things in God’s hands. They are the best solutions.

Turbulent Period

Saw this in the news today.

China Press reported the time between Aug 7 and Sept 8 was the most turbulent period this year, especially for those born in the years of the Tiger, Monkey and Snake.

Fortune teller Huang Shi Ling said there should not be any auspicious celebration during the period, which also happened to fall within the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Luckily, Hari Raya falls days after Sept 8!

Signing Online Petition

I’ve been signing a few online petition the past few weeks. Ya.. nothing better to do. Anyway, there is one which I think would need our tremendous support. It’s to free Vui Kong from the death sentence in Singapore for drug trafficking. The petition required 100,000 signature.. and we are short by 79,216. I am petitioner no. 20784.

Stories here, to sign petition here.

Twitter Bandwagon

I’ve joined the twitter bandwagon – solely for one reason. At first, I just wanted to reply to Adam Lambert’s tweets! Haha! But now, I will be following Misha Collins! There’s a #MishaBdayParade special this Friday. You will see the power of fandom in Twitter!

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