Doing a Favor

I think I should stop being nice to people. Once you are too nice, people would start climbing all over your head.

Our company is going to have an anniversary celebration. The management, having nothing better to do, decides to come up with a bloody lame idea of getting pictures of our staff who has been with us for the past 5 years and beyond to be put in a book as memento for the anniversary. There are like more than 500 staff in West Malaysia alone. Imagine the unnecessary job of collecting latest photos, perhaps from 300 of them who has been working here for the past 5 years. I don’t understand why they even bother to ask us for a passport photo for our access card at the first place. They can use the pictures in the access card, but no. They want current pictures of at least 400kb in size; when all we get is like smaller than twitter thumbnail in the pages.. imagine 300 or more pictures in a book.

Some staff can be such asswipes when it comes to giving latest photos. Some insisted on using their wedding photos taken like 2,000 years ago. So, the HR has no choice but to go around office snapping everybody’s photos in their cubicle. Guess who they want to rope in for the job? Of course, since I am complaining here, it’s me.

Of course, I am not that fucking stupid to agree. Actually, before I even say no, they know they won’t be able to force me into doing something I don’t like. Further, you don’t expect me feeling good taking pictures of the morons in my office, especially those who think they are gods! Instead of taking a photo of them, I would probably throw the camera in their faces.

Okay, having that solved, suddenly a friend whom I never heard from for ages called me up. Also to do favors for him by taking his company’s product photos. People have to understand that I paid almost RM7k for my gear alone and you think I would do things for free now? Hell no – except of course for family members or friends whom I really like and I actually WILLINGLY offer my service. Other than that, sorry. I no longer do favors for free.

P.S. This also applies to people who keep e-mailing me to correct their English grammar. This time, I am going to charge RM10 per e-mail and I will keep a 555 note book for this. Don’t even think of getting away without paying!

9 thoughts on “Doing a Favor

  1. it’s so true… same thing’s happening to me. I spent a bomb bringing in stocks from US for nails and i posted some pics on the nail designs i’m learning…

    after dat every other chick asking me to do their nails. i told them i dun mind painting their nails for them but i do appreciate some donation la so at least if my polish runs out i can replenish em… dunno am i being unreasonable or wat but i normally use brands like OPI, China Glaze n Color Club n they’re like the LV n Prada of nail polish… =.=

    • Asstha: I don’t think it’s too much. Last time, I bought my own nail polish and a friend helped me to do mine and I did hers. At least, we share the cost lah. But now, try to minimize cosmetics and everything.. don’t waste unnecessary money! Unless you are getting married. Haha!

      • 😆
        i wuz thinking wanna set up side income doin ppl’s nails ma… mostly on marbling technique la cos not many manicure shops will do it for u cos it’s messy n uses quite a lot of polish but d result is absolutely breathtaking… but dunno la… i always end up buying d same range of colours… :S

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