Office Got Ghosts!

Last Friday, I was waiting for my sister when a colleague told me of her supernatural encounter in office. There are undeniably paranormal activities happening in the office, usually from 7 pm to 7 am.

She said, whenever she works late till around 7 pm, she would hear noises from her boss’ room. When there is no one in there, she heard flipping of papers, rather furiously. Or the blinds would be flapping like crazy as if being blown by strong winds, when no window is ever opened! Sometimes, there would be a sudden whiff of fragrance!

Another colleague is always the first arrive to office around 6.45 am. As he is having coffee and reading newspapers in his cubicle, he would hear noises from the corner room. Sometimes, he could hear the drawers or cupboards opening and shutting angrily. Then, the worst part is the photocopy machine would switch on by itself and moving on its own! We asked him if he saw anybody at the photocopy machine, he said he dare not look at the photocopy machine directly!

A driver was sleeping on a sofa in a room right opposite the pantry and prayers room when he felt something was staring at him. He opened his eyes and saw a woman’s silhouette. He thought she was the HR manager. But on Saturdays, this HR manager is not on duty. He saw the silhouette walked into the prayers room. He got up and walked towards the prayers room to confirm and saw nobody. Actually the HR manager also looked like hantu lah, coz some colleagues gave her a nickname, “Pei Ee” which means ghost in Tamil. And I mistakenly thought, that was her real Chinese name. LOL!

Awhile ago, my colleague shared with me, she was working till after 7 pm and nobody was left in office except her. She heard many footsteps at the corridor next to her cubicle, as if many people were walking all over the place in a hurry! She quickly packed her bags and went home!

My boss too encountered something. As he was the last to leave the office, he had to switch off all lights and closed the door. He was very sure that the entire floor had darkened because he flipped the main switchboard. But then, as he was leaving the office in his car, he looked up and there was light  near my cubicle!! Creepy shit!

I am not sure if I had told you guys this story before. It happened to me, also in this office. I was asked to go back to office one weekend to help out a colleague. It was around 3 pm. I was photocopying some agreements when I heard the blinds rattled like crazy in the store room. A quick check showed that the window to the small room is not even opened! Then, I continued on doing my work when I felt a faint breeze blowing down my neck. My skin crawled instantly and there were goose pimples all over my body. I quickly packed my things and ran downstairs to where my other colleague was and dared not go back to my floor alone!

As I finished writing this, I felt urge to pee. I think it can wait till I go home!

6 thoughts on “Office Got Ghosts!

  1. eeee…. luckily im not reading this at night!
    you’ve written abt your office got ghosts before right? your boss planning to do any ‘cleansing ritual’?

    • I think they did, a long time ago.. but the sifu just told the staff to open their windows to let natural light flow through the day. Sometimes, I think it’s merely psychological lah.

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