Size Does Matter?

Guess what I got in my mail this morning? If you think getting junk mails on cialis is bad enough, think again. These p*nis enlargement companies are getting way, WAY desperate!

e-Long? Meaning only virtually long? Haha!

So, girlfriends, don’t tell your boyfriends, size doesn’t matter! You are a liar!

25 cm? That’s an alien’s dick!

Seriously? What is wrong having a “normal” sized p*nis? Can a p*nis grow that long ah?? 25 cm? Then, when have sex, the dick will go up till to the throat lor?? Haha! What would men want a long dick for? Not unless they wanna be in some freak show.

I don’t understand how these people get my address? And I am sure their info is not even complete because I am a female, the last I checked, I don’t have a dick. Can I grow a dick after taking the pills? Haha!

If pills can solve “sizes” miraculously, don’t you think they ought to use such R&D for more terrible diseases instead, like cancer? This is really an utter waste of resources.

6 thoughts on “Size Does Matter?

  1. Eh, I think by blogging this, you will have inadvertently become a marketing rep for penis enlargement.
    I foresee a aggressive growth in your site search

    • ai shiang: I think not everybody has e-mail.. perhaps they are trying to get biz from not so net savvy people? I am not sure.. to get that in mail, is very very surprising.

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