Random Notes

Baby in Da House

With an addition in the family, things sure gone hay wired in terms of the house arrangements. Since I am such a lazy ass – I only wash dishes, do laundry and lay the clothes out to dry, it’s time for me to pick up chores supposedly done by my sis or her husband. Now, I have to take out the garbage, help out in the kitchen (which I am a very, very bad helper because I have butterfingers in cutting vegetables!), sweeping and mopping the floor, ensuring the thermos is filled with water, hand washing baby’s clothes and grocery shopping! Running a household for 8 persons is not that easy!

October is Busy!

October is just round the corner and I guess I have plans laid out for every weekend till end of the month! There will be meeting up with some friends for a meal, a wedding, a full moon party, attending Adam Lambert’s concert (woohoo!) and a fair bit of traveling. Stay tuned to find out more!

Snow Lotus Yeast Enzymes

I’ve received some questions and requests on how to make this enzyme since I published a post on it. Happy to know some readers of my blog have been helping each other. Kudos to you guys and may all of you gain health and happiness from sharing this wonderful gift. A colleague told me the enzyme helped her a lot. After she has undergone a heart surgery last year, she had been having difficulty in sleeping. She couldn’t sleep even when she’s way tired. But now, after consuming the enzyme, she could sleep soundly and feeling fresh in the morning. For that, she is really happy. And she claimed that her body aches had all gone now!

Online Survey

I am helping a friend who is conducting a research on global warming and climate change in the context of tourism and leisure travel for her Masters in UK. This research aims to study the public understanding, perceptions and responses towards environmental issues, in general, and climate change, in specific, within the context of tourism and leisure travel in the UK and Malaysia. She needs correspondents for data collection. It will take roughly 15 minutes of your time, so if you do have some time to spare, go for it! Click on this link. Thanks for your help!

How To Make Mango Jeruk

Mango Jeruk

Delicious mango jeruk

I don’t want to brag but my mom surely makes the best mango jeruk (preserved mango)! Normally, I don’t really eat preserved stuffs as I don’t really like sour food. This mango jeruk made by my mom is sweet!

Over last weekend, my family managed to pluck some 30 medium sized mangoes from the trees in my uncle’s house. There should be more if weren’t for the naughty children who always come to steal them. But it’s okay as we would normally give to our neighbours or colleagues if there were too many! This time, my mom decided to make some mango jeruk again since the children in my house love it, so are my friends!

I asked mom how to make them, since I find the slices of mango remain crunchy despite soaking with water overnight. So, here are the steps of making the very crunchy mango jeruk.

1. Wash and slice the mangoes. Drain to dry.
2. Add salt to the dried mango. For 30 mangoes, my mom used about 300g of salt (a bowl). So if you use 2-3 medium sized mangoes, I guess you just need 1 tablespoon of salt.
3. Leave the mangoes salted till the next day. (She did it in the afternoon, so I guess, you need to leave it for like 10 hours).
4. The next morning, wash the mangoes from the salt and soak them in fresh water for 3 hours. You can taste if it’s still salty. This step is to ensure the salt were all washed away. Don’t over soak it though as the mango would lose its aroma.
5. Put water to boil. Toss the slices of mangoes into the pot and remove from water immediately.
6. Splash the boiled mango with cold water and let dry.
7. Add in sugar to taste to the dried mangoes and keep them in the fridge overnight. You may add chili padi if you like.

Happy trying!

Love and Forgiveness

When I was still a child, I took piano lessons from this teacher, who is a daughter of my mom’s friend. Every weekend, I dreaded to go to class. Not only because I lacked practice or rather not talented at all, I simply couldn’t tolerate the way she always shouting at her fragile grandmother. Heck! She treated Freeway, the dog even better!

I went home and complained to my mother on how my piano teacher shouted at her old grandmother. Whenever I was waiting for my sister’s turn at the piano, I would try to make small talk with the grandmother. I think she’s already senile. She would look at me with her cataract infested eyes and smiled. But I could see her eyes were sad and bewildered.

My mom told me a story. When the grandmother was younger, my mom’s friend married her son. This younger grandmother then gave her new daughter in law hell. She would beat her with a mop or broom for no apparent reason. After the daughter in law gave birth to her children, her children grew up seeing their mother beaten by this grandmother. So, it’s understood that, the children do not feel any love for the grandmother.

My mom also told me about her younger days. When she was living with her siblings in her aunt’s coffee shop, her aunt too likes to nag a lot. They were given nothing more than plain porridge to eat while the aunt’s children feast on fishes and meat. The aunt didn’t treat them all that well even when my mom and her sisters were always at their best behavior. They helped around the house and stayed out of trouble. But that didn’t even win approval from this aunt. Since my grandfather (brother to this aunt) was too lazy for his own good, this aunt forced him to sign off his rights to the coffee shop and left him penniless. His family was forced to move out and fend for themselves.

When my mom and her siblings became adults and bought their first home, they invited the aunt to stay over. They still treated her with so much respect that, the aunt felt so bad for treating them badly when they were children. They even invited her to our home in KL for holidays.

Our grandaunt was remorse to the core in the way she treated my mother and her sisters when they were young. She kept asking herself, why was she ill-treating my mom and sisters when they didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, they were so good and lovely, and helped around the house. My mom and aunts assured her that, all things had happened in the past should remain in the past. There is no point bringing it up again. All is forgiven. What’s more important is make things right now and look to the future.

When my grandaunt passed on, she was forgiven and learn to forgive herself. She left the world with no regrets.

“Sincere forgiveness isn’t colored with expectations that the other person apologize or change. Don’t worry whether or not they finally understand you. Love them and release them. Life feeds back truth to people in its own way and time.” Sara Paddison.

It was always good to see such love and forgiveness within the family.

Hardcopy Blogging

I’ve found several interesting stuff when a friend asked when we first met. I was surprised to have found so many things in my orange 1998 diary! Talk about blogging.. no wonder I find blogging easy for me. I guess I’ve been writing my own journal for a very long time. I started since I was in primary school! Here are some of the highlights in 1998! Gee! I didn’t know hoarding junks could be this fun! Haha!

January 1998. Coolness! I’ve been to Bagan Lalang – Tg Sepat way, way back in 1998 before the place is sadly hyper commercialized! I remember we stayed in a small cabin which looked like construction workers labour quarters cabin, after we harvest mussels direct from the sea in the hot sun, played black jack and drank till wee hours in the morning!

March 1998. Went to watch movie with Ann and her IRC friend. I couldn’t even remember what movie we watched! And above all places, we met at Pertama Complex?? LOL! And the movie ticket was not even cheap! I remember the guy slept during the movie.. but he didn’t snore lah! LOL!

May 1998. A note from my ex housemate named Amy. There were no mobile phone back then! We all communicate via notes!

September 1998. Watched X Files, the movie. We called ourselves X philes back then!

September 1998. I went to attend a survey on hair coloring and got paid RM100 from AC Nielson.

September 1998. Attended the Commonwealth Games – atheletics preliminaries. Just there to see how the government used my parent’s hard earned money to build a white elephant stadium.

October 1998. I was cast as an extra in “Entrapment” – the movie starred Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones! But of coz, I didn’t even get to see my own face in the movie lah. The scene I did for 6 hours ended up only 1 minute in the whole movie! And it’s the scene which was so controversial because they filmed the back lane of Chow Kit and superimposed it on Melaka River, overlooking KLCC! LOL! Yes.. I was acting at the back lane of Chow Kit. Tell me if you have done that?

December 1998. Perhaps the first eat-all-you-can chicken restaurant!

December 1998. Nearing Christmas. Was shopping for perfume and I guess this was one of my favorites. Oui! from Lancome.

December 1998. Visited KL Tower with a friend before she went to Perth to do her pharmacy. I guess this served the landmark as we parted ways.

Ah… how I miss the old style of writing journals. I should write more. At least, I only bitch to myself and spare other people the details! 1998 was a definitely colorful year for me! I will check other diaries to rediscover treasures of strolling down memory lane.

* Updated on 6/10/10

This is my 1,000 blog posts in the blogsphere – both blogspot (467) and wordpresss combined (539)!

How Green Are You?

The first time I was exposed to being environmentally conscious was during my secondary school years. I participated in the Interact Club and ALL they talked about (other than BGRs) was – green this, green that. We did all kinds of things such as planting trees and recycling projects. When we left school, I wasn’t sure if any one of us still practices our green fingers. That was like, 17 years ago?

When my aunt offered to install an air conditioner in my room when I was in secondary school, I stood by my principle of not creating anymore CFCs to burn a hole in the ozone. Then, last year, the El Nino came. It was too freaking hot to sleep at night. I resorted to the old style of putting buckets of water in my room to cool the temperature but it didn’t work. I was all drenched in sweat the whole night, tossed and turned, yet couldn’t sleep. So I threw in the towel and sadly, contributed another hole in the ozone layer by installing an air conditioner in my room.

I am still conscious about consumption of energy – use of petroleum in Malaysia, so I resorted to some ways of minimizing use of air conditioner. On a very hot day, I would just switch on the air conditioner in my room for 1-2 hours before sleeping time. I switch it off before I go to bed. It somehow cool the room, so by the time my head touches the pillow, in less than 5 minutes, I am usually gone to lala land, so I didn’t feel the heat at night all that much.

Other things my family and I did to minimize wastage and play our part in a greener environment:-

1. Bring own shopping bag when going out – whether or not I will shop.

2. For bigger items, normally, I don’t ask for plastic bags – just a “sold” tape across the big item.

3. Bringing my own water tumbler. Unfortunately, in Malaysia, there are hardly any water coolers around to refill.

4. In office, when it’s cold, I just switch off the air conditioner.

5. Setting air conditioner to maximum temperature 24C to reduce consumption of energy. You don’t need to set the minimum 16C! it’s too cold anyway!

6. I don’t print memos which are not important and encourage my boss not to print too!

7. Use as much recycle paper as possible. Use both sides of A4 paper.

8. Car pool to work with colleagues. Been doing that the past 4.5 years!

9. Since 2001, when I was working in KL, I bring my own container whenever I go out to ta pao lunch! Nowadays, I eat at home, so I hardly ta pao things!

10. I’ve just signed up for electronic statement for all my credit cards.

11. I use rechargeable batteries for my cameras and gears.

12. I never take warm bath – even when I had to wake up at 6.30 am to go to work years ago.

13. I unplug all power sockets when I get off work and at home, too to minimize “vampire” consumption of energy.

14. Scan documents and forward via e-mail to recipients, instead of photocopying.

15. My mom collects water from washing rice grains into a bucket and uses them to water the plants.

16. We normally wash the house porch when it rains to minimize use of water.

17. Use more enzymes for washing instead chemicals.

18. Recycling old newspapers, aluminium cans, paper and plastics by donating them to charitable organization which collects old recyclable items.

19. Only use the washing machine when it’s full – sometimes we wash clothes once every two days.

20. I think I am the very rare few who still use handkerchief!

So, have you done your part to show your love to Mother Earth?

For other ways of recycling, check this out!