Are You Ready, Glamberts?

Glam God!

Tickets – Check! Eye Liner – Check! Black Nail Polish – Check! Mascara – Check!

So, glamberts! Are you guys ready for Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Live in KL on Oct 14? I don’t know about you.. but I am SO ready!

Gina: Meehoon Queen ask if you will paint your fingernails black
Gina: when we go see adam lambert’s concert
Yuin:maybe i’ll wear eye shadow
Gina: not eye shadow lah
Gina: eye liner
Gina: then sharon said wahhh very chi kek
Gina: hahahaha
Yuin:eye liner is the one for the bulu mata la
Yuin:my bulu tebal liao
Yuin:no need
Yuin:i need eye shadow for the under the eyes wan ma
Yuin:not meh?
Gina: you want to be panda ah?
Gina: ann is offering eye liner
Gina: lol
Gina: no lah
Gina: that is mascara
Yuin:oh mascara
Yuin:mascara then
Yuin:i will use mascara
Gina: under eyes where got ppl put eye shadow
Gina: u memang siao
Gina: eye liner is the one u use to draw the outline of your eyes shape lah
Gina: bulu mana tebal?
Gina: lol
Yuin:bulu mata la
Yuin:the one one the eye lid wan is what?
Gina: on top of eye lid is eye shadow
Gina: bulu mata use mascara
Gina: then to outline the eyes is eye liner
Gina: eye brow also use eye liner

Fuah.. giving make up tips to a guy when I hardly wear any make-up myself. I think MeeHoon Queen can assist us. Heh!

2 thoughts on “Are You Ready, Glamberts?

  1. lols… not bad Gina for someone who doesn’t use makeup… onie two inaccurate…
    u can actually use eyeshadow under ur eyes… this is usually wen u wanna achieve d smokey eye effect and to soften d harshness of d eyeliner… good if u wanna mimic Adam Lambert’s makeup style… so definately a black/grey kekeke…
    for eyebrow u use eyebrow liner sweetie unless u hv really black eyebrows but us females usually use something a bit more towards brown n eyeliner onie works if u’re using pencil definately not kohl or liquid altho for Lambert’s style it’s definately liquid/kohl as they really do stand out more den d pencil…😀

  2. Hahah! Thanks! I don’t have to apply eye shadow under my eyes, when I smile, I would automatically get smokey eyes.. because of my chubby face pushing both upper and lower eyes together.. like stamp pad. LOL!

    Ok ok.. perhaps will try to get those liquid one.. especially water proof coz I sweat a lot!

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