Hardcopy Blogging

I’ve found several interesting stuff when a friend asked when we first met. I was surprised to have found so many things in my orange 1998 diary! Talk about blogging.. no wonder I find blogging easy for me. I guess I’ve been writing my own journal for a very long time. I started since I was in primary school! Here are some of the highlights in 1998! Gee! I didn’t know hoarding junks could be this fun! Haha!

January 1998. Coolness! I’ve been to Bagan Lalang – Tg Sepat way, way back in 1998 before the place is sadly hyper commercialized! I remember we stayed in a small cabin which looked like construction workers labour quarters cabin, after we harvest mussels direct from the sea in the hot sun, played black jack and drank till wee hours in the morning!

March 1998. Went to watch movie with Ann and her IRC friend. I couldn’t even remember what movie we watched! And above all places, we met at Pertama Complex?? LOL! And the movie ticket was not even cheap! I remember the guy slept during the movie.. but he didn’t snore lah! LOL!

May 1998. A note from my ex housemate named Amy. There were no mobile phone back then! We all communicate via notes!

September 1998. Watched X Files, the movie. We called ourselves X philes back then!

September 1998. I went to attend a survey on hair coloring and got paid RM100 from AC Nielson.

September 1998. Attended the Commonwealth Games – atheletics preliminaries. Just there to see how the government used my parent’s hard earned money to build a white elephant stadium.

October 1998. I was cast as an extra in “Entrapment” – the movie starred Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones! But of coz, I didn’t even get to see my own face in the movie lah. The scene I did for 6 hours ended up only 1 minute in the whole movie! And it’s the scene which was so controversial because they filmed the back lane of Chow Kit and superimposed it on Melaka River, overlooking KLCC! LOL! Yes.. I was acting at the back lane of Chow Kit. Tell me if you have done that?

December 1998. Perhaps the first eat-all-you-can chicken restaurant!

December 1998. Nearing Christmas. Was shopping for perfume and I guess this was one of my favorites. Oui! from Lancome.

December 1998. Visited KL Tower with a friend before she went to Perth to do her pharmacy. I guess this served the landmark as we parted ways.

Ah… how I miss the old style of writing journals. I should write more. At least, I only bitch to myself and spare other people the details! 1998 was a definitely colorful year for me! I will check other diaries to rediscover treasures of strolling down memory lane.

* Updated on 6/10/10

This is my 1,000 blog posts in the blogsphere – both blogspot (467) and wordpresss combined (539)!

15 thoughts on “Hardcopy Blogging

  1. owh… I cud never keep a hardcopy journal… always started but ended up being too lazy to write… hahahah… my blog seems to be gearing towards the same direction… :sweat:
    kewl stuff😀

    • asstha: Haha! I guess it takes YEARS of practice. I’ve been writing my own journal since 1988 – when I was in standard 6.. and I still have it with me now. Haha!

    • Ya.. that’s a lot of money back then! My mom, aunt and uncle were selling vegetables at Chow Kit Road – so they ask for people who wanted to act as extras. So, all the pasar people go. Since I had nothing to do, my mom asked me to go. I was there at 6 am till 6 pm! But I did only 6 hours shot – walking to and fro at the back alley of Chow Kit! And Sean Connery said hi to me! Catherine Zeta-Jones is one stuck up bitch. LOL!

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  3. Wow… impressive collection! I used to keep cinema tickets, park tickets, cards, etc for memories .. but when we moved to our apartment and subsequently to our current abode…. I just realised, the more things we kept, the more hassle it was to move … Good for you on keeping this tradition alive..

    • Shorthorse: I didn’t really collect all movie stubs.. just happened to have them shoved into my diary. Won’t take much space anyway.😀 Moving house can be quite daunting. You tend to lose a lot of things!

  4. you’ve got really nice writing gina! so ‘grown up’ one… cursive some more..
    this makes me wanna go home and dig up my old old journals. i kept one since std 6 too i think! all the way til college.

    coincidentally, i checked my sent mail folder a few days ago and it brought me to some really old emails i wrote – back in ’99. and i was exchanging emails with some guy whom i dont even remember now!! my memory ah.. really teruk! hahaha

    • LOL! Thanks! That’s not my best writing. I’ve not been writing for sometime already, more typing now! So my writing got worse. Haha!

      Dig up! And share! It’s quite fun to know all these. Wah. .. who is the boy? So young wanna pak tor liao? Haha!

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