How To Make Mango Jeruk

Mango Jeruk

Delicious mango jeruk

I don’t want to brag but my mom surely makes the best mango jeruk (preserved mango)! Normally, I don’t really eat preserved stuffs as I don’t really like sour food. This mango jeruk made by my mom is sweet!

Over last weekend, my family managed to pluck some 30 medium sized mangoes from the trees in my uncle’s house. There should be more if weren’t for the naughty children who always come to steal them. But it’s okay as we would normally give to our neighbours or colleagues if there were too many! This time, my mom decided to make some mango jeruk again since the children in my house love it, so are my friends!

I asked mom how to make them, since I find the slices of mango remain crunchy despite soaking with water overnight. So, here are the steps of making the very crunchy mango jeruk.

1. Wash and slice the mangoes. Drain to dry.
2. Add salt to the dried mango. For 30 mangoes, my mom used about 300g of salt (a bowl). So if you use 2-3 medium sized mangoes, I guess you just need 1 tablespoon of salt.
3. Leave the mangoes salted till the next day. (She did it in the afternoon, so I guess, you need to leave it for like 10 hours).
4. The next morning, wash the mangoes from the salt and soak them in fresh water for 3 hours. You can taste if it’s still salty. This step is to ensure the salt were all washed away. Don’t over soak it though as the mango would lose its aroma.
5. Put water to boil. Toss the slices of mangoes into the pot and remove from water immediately.
6. Splash the boiled mango with cold water and let dry.
7. Add in sugar to taste to the dried mangoes and keep them in the fridge overnight. You may add chili padi if you like.

Happy trying!

10 thoughts on “How To Make Mango Jeruk

  1. Oh ho ho… for a moment I thought that you would require vinegar but I guess the mangoes are already tangy enough…. oh if only I could eat the picture………..*salivating*

  2. also, do you just put the mango into the boiling water for like 2 seconds and immediately remove? what’s the purpose? also, the last step, u said dry the mango and put sugar but in the pics it shows do u actually add water and then put sugar in?

    • chinese chic: Yes, you just dip the mango into the boiling water and remove immediately. You know? Like lok lok? I guess it’s called blanching – you put in boiling water, then splash with cold water immediately to make it tangy or crunchy – to freeze overcooking – so maintain the nice color and also the texture. Yes, after you sprinkle the sugar to the dried mango, it would automatically secrete water. Hence, the liquid is actually from the mango and sugar combined. Hope the info helps.

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