Random Notes

Baby in Da House

With an addition in the family, things sure gone hay wired in terms of the house arrangements. Since I am such a lazy ass – I only wash dishes, do laundry and lay the clothes out to dry, it’s time for me to pick up chores supposedly done by my sis or her husband. Now, I have to take out the garbage, help out in the kitchen (which I am a very, very bad helper because I have butterfingers in cutting vegetables!), sweeping and mopping the floor, ensuring the thermos is filled with water, hand washing baby’s clothes and grocery shopping! Running a household for 8 persons is not that easy!

October is Busy!

October is just round the corner and I guess I have plans laid out for every weekend till end of the month! There will be meeting up with some friends for a meal, a wedding, a full moon party, attending Adam Lambert’s concert (woohoo!) and a fair bit of traveling. Stay tuned to find out more!

Snow Lotus Yeast Enzymes

I’ve received some questions and requests on how to make this enzyme since I published a post on it. Happy to know some readers of my blog have been helping each other. Kudos to you guys and may all of you gain health and happiness from sharing this wonderful gift. A colleague told me the enzyme helped her a lot. After she has undergone a heart surgery last year, she had been having difficulty in sleeping. She couldn’t sleep even when she’s way tired. But now, after consuming the enzyme, she could sleep soundly and feeling fresh in the morning. For that, she is really happy. And she claimed that her body aches had all gone now!

Online Survey

I am helping a friend who is conducting a research on global warming and climate change in the context of tourism and leisure travel for her Masters in UK. This research aims to study the public understanding, perceptions and responses towards environmental issues, in general, and climate change, in specific, within the context of tourism and leisure travel in the UK and Malaysia. She needs correspondents for data collection. It will take roughly 15 minutes of your time, so if you do have some time to spare, go for it! Click on this link. Thanks for your help!

2 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Wow… how can you call yourself a lazy ass, even b4 you took on extra chores… I think of doing laundry for 8 persons and that’s enough to give me a big headache…. It’s my least favorite chore..washing & ironing clothes..:(

    • LOL! Coz I use the washing machine! Just throw everything inside, add soap and softener and wait 46 minutes. I don’t usually iron clothes – except for my office uniform – which my mom would normally iron because she also irons the kids’ school uniform!

      Yes.. reminds me of my yesteryears when I was still a teenager. I had to HAND wash 9 people’s clothes.

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