Enough is Enough

I was busy shopping last Tuesday when I received a phone call from my ex boss. Since my phone was running on low battery, the last thing I want is to hear some insults before being cut off. So I hung up on her. A minute later, I felt slightly guilty, so I decided to sms her to inform her that my phone is running low on battery. I was hoping that she would get it and probably don’t call me anymore. Mana tau… she sms me some more.

Her sms, “Can we check incorporation date of a co at CCM website?”


First of all, I’ve left co sec line for like.. 5 years? Secondly, anyone who is net savvy can just ask uncle google to lead them to the CCM website to check. Thirdly, do you think CCM will be giving you information for free? Definitely not! That’s why they came up with computer print outs – so you have to pay to get such information!

I damn malas to layan her. So I didn’t reply. I didn’t even reply till today and I don’t really care!

I still remember the first day she changed her job and she called me frantically to ask me how to use the touchpad in a laptop to move the cursor. Mah fuh lat! Since she sounded rather desperate on the phone, I told her to get a mouse and plug it in lah.

I understand some people are totally not IT literate. If she is in her 50s I would probably forgive her. But she’s only 3 years older than me! It’s a wonder isn’t it? How some morons still can make it up to the top?

Enough said. I think after the kaki bodek episode, I am definitely disassociating myself with her. End of story.

5 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

    • I super geram when I see the sms! Almost threw my phone to the wall.. but then, what for lah kan? Haha! Choose to ignore her is way cheaper than replacing my phone.

  1. Gina,

    My ofis oso got one moron… Everytime when she type her letter in Microsoft Words, she’ll ask me, Fibi, how you align this ah?how you put picture in ah? how to attach file in emails ah??? she’s like 1 year older than me only ah!!!! vomit blood…

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