Glam Nation, Kuala Lumpur

Adam Lambert

14th October 2010, Thursday
Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

It was quite a night! Yuin, Meehoon Queen, my cousin brother and I gathered to have a quick bite (and Yuin, painting his finger nails black at the restaurant!) before heading towards Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil yesterday. Traffic was a little congested from the Puchong side, but we managed to reach the venue before 6 pm.

As we walked from our parking lot to the venue, there were already many people lining up for some snacks, taking photos, queuing up to get into the stadium. There was even a geisha walking past us! Some people totally dressed up to the nines! We saw many daughters coming with their mothers. Sons with mothers too, but very few fathers with their children. It was awesome!

We started to join the queue by 6 pm. Not long later, people were already making a beeline. There were occasional screams we heard whenever someone open the door at the entrance.

The entrance only open at about 7.30 pm and everybody was excited. However, the security was checking bags, so the queue moved on rather slowly. By 7.45 pm, we were already in the stadium! In the Pit! We didn’t want to risk any chances, so we just stood where we were, about less than 50 feet away from the stage. MQ said this is the first time she gets to stand so near the stage!

By 8 pm, the Pit was already packed to the brim. Everyone was chanting, “Adam! Adam! Adam!” but still no sign of Adam. The crew went up the stage and starting to arrange things. It’s very weird to see such things. Why are they not prepared earlier? There was a bald guy moving things around the stage, then a lady arranging water and towel to be placed on stage. The crowd was entertained by songs and MTVs. Whenever there’s a flashback on American Idol Season 8 with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen in it, the fans would scream. I decided to keep my stamina and energy when Adam is on stage.

8.30 pm, still no sign of Adam. The crowd was getting restless. Then, there was an announcement, everybody got excited and started screaming again. Mana tau… it was the opening act, some guy whom I don’t even know. Ok lah, perhaps I am not really up-to-date in entertainment world. Then, came in Daniel Lee from Malaysian idol 2 and the cute violinist. Everyone got really fired up and ready for Adam Lambert. It was then, the stage went quiet. The bald guy came up again to tune the instruments. I tell you… I was so fucking tulan. Memang potong steam habis habis!

Then, they just entertain the crowd with more songs and they got some giant plastic balls bouncing on and around the crowd. The crowd – with herd mentality started screaming and pushing everybody to get to the balls. Come on lah! Actually, some people took this as opportunity to elbow their way further nearer to the stage. It’s really sickening because, if you are fucking late, please fucking stand behind. The people in front, already lined up all day for good front spots! There’s this annoying skinny bastard, not to mention with SMELLY armpits standing next to me, with his equally annoying, simian-like friend started to jostle their way to the front. MQ and I started to lock our elbows to stop them from coming in front. What fucking morons!

By 9.05 pm, I was already running out of patience when suddenly Adam Lambert appeared on stage! It was all crazy! I soon forgotten about the smelly armpits and monkeys grinding against me. We were here for a good time! The sound system was rather bad! We couldn’t really hear what he was singing, no thanks to screaming shorty banshees behind us either. There was also a skinny guy with a heart-shaped placard which annoyed the shit out of everybody because he was blocking us with it! The banshees behind us screaming at him to ask him to move his placard coz he was blocking our view! Thank goodness he obliged and stopped waving his stupid heart-shaped placard.

It went on well – actually, everybody respected each other’s space except for the two simians who head-banged along all music. Adam’s hairdo- we wonder how much spray he had on his hair that it could even withstood the long hat he wore! I bet the hair would still stand like that even if he fell into a river! Haha!

As our ears gotten accustomed to the really bad sound system, we started to sing along with Adam. Adam sang most of the songs in his new album but, he didn’t sing “Time for Miracles” which is my favorite. Adam introduced his band and when it’s his bassist’s turn, Tommy Joe Ratliff – Yuin, MQ and I shouted, “KISS! KISS! KISS!” Lol! Adam gave us a mischievous grin. It was quite hilarious.

After that, Adam and the band left the stage. Again, another potong steam moment. “That was it?” We were all very confused. Then, the crowd shouted, “We want more! We want more! We want more!”

Less than 5 minutes later, Adam came back on stage much to the pleasure of the crowd and sang, Mad World and ended the night high and dry, with Placebo’s 20th Century Boy.

We find the concert rather short. Actually, we were still charged with adrenaline and hadn’t reached the saturation point yet, and the concert was over. When Adam bid good nite, the guitarist threw his guitar pick and the drummer gave away his drumsticks, we knew it’s officially over. The crowd was rather obedient. Everybody just left the hall in orderly manner.

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening. I just wish that, it would last another 10 minutes or so. I think the stage was rather TOO SMALL for Adam’s greatness! And a better sound system. Our hearing was slightly numbed when we left the hall. Surprisingly, I thought I am going to be in pain for standing more than 4.5 hours last night but my legs are fine!

Adam’s set list : Voodoo, Down The Rabbit Hole, For Your Entertainment, Ring Of Fire, Fever, Sleepwalker, Acoustic set : WWFM, Soaked, Broken Open and Aftermath, Sure Fire Winners, Strut, Music Again, If I Had You and Mad World (Encore) and 20th Century Boy (Encore). *Instead of kissing Tommy, Adam blew a kiss to the fans during Fever. To read more, please click here.

10 thoughts on “Glam Nation, Kuala Lumpur

  1. ooooooo so happy to see you’ve written abt this!!:) i like adam but not that big a fan to come all the way from Pg and on a weekday too😛 lol

    i did hear some snippets of the concert on Hitz this morning and i noticed that the sound was really bad, could hardly hear Adam. i thought it was cos it was a recorded version and i was hearing it over the radio.
    kinda sad abt the bad sound system and the fact that he only came out at 9pm!! (isn’t that kinda late?) and why didn’t he sing Time for Miracles?? thats my fav too!

    but i think you guys had loads of fun in the end.. standing so near adam some more…😛

    • Yes Lingzie! I think there were fans from Bangkok and Indonesia as well, as I hear them spoke! The sound system is quite bad but then, when he did his high pitch thingy, it was okay. We got out from the concert – with numbness in our ears! Terrible! When the drummer hit his drums, we could hear the heat in our heads and our hearts.. it was so damn loud!

      Yes.. 9.05 pm.. he was really late! The best part is the opening act – then after that, everything just sizzled out. It was quite funny, come to think about it.. memang potong steam kao kao!!!!

      Maybe he got caught on the protest? Not too sure. We didn’t even see any protests as we were already in the Pit by then!

      Yes.. we stood quite near – can see his chest hair.. and armpits hair also! Hahaha!

  2. Opening acts were for final round of sound check, Amoi! At least you got Daniel Lee (even i tak suka dia). My last concert, we got KK and Ah LOKE!

    Also, your reporting was biased! Why no mention about PAS ppl?

    • Sorry. I must admit I am quite ignorant when it comes to concert coz I hardly attend them.. but then, they sound check also no point.. sound system still very bad. Haha!

      I didn’t report pasal PAS coz I didn’t even see a single of them! I think they came after we all got into the stadium.. phew!

    • I painted my finger nails black. Make up is a very bad idea because I sweat a lot.. so, I didn’t. Otherwise I will appear as JUON even before I got into the stadium! Haha!

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