Last Day In Miri

11th October 2010, Monday

It was our last day in Miri and JS didn’t want us to miss out on Sarawak laksa and some places of interest in Miri, which we didn’t go because we were too busy stuffing our faces the first two days!

Yum Yum!

Yes.. we practically stuffed ourselves silly with all these food on the last day!

Firstly, we stopped by at the wet market again for a plate of curry rice – consists of char siew and chicken curry, dian bian hu (a popular FooChow dish,of rice flour noodles) and Sarawak Laksa. After that, we had a short walk about Miri town.

Grand Old Lady standing tall

Then, we made our way to the Grand Old Lady. Sadly, the Petronas Museum next to it is closed on Mondays. So we didn’t get to go inside for the free air cond.. yes, we didn’t bother about the history, we were more interested to get away from the scorching sun!

Tg. Lobang.. I wish they had given this place a more glam name!

After a short visit, we made our way to Tg. Lobang –Miri’s coastline up to the Esplanade, overlooking the teh tarik colored South China Sea. It was quite a sight to behold – the strong wind and sea, so many little and medium sized crabs scurrying for covers as we walked on the brown sand. We saw a beautiful couple taking their wedding photos. We lingered here for awhile to soak up the atmosphere. Miri has been blessed with downpours while we were there, so it was good to be able to go outdoor for a change, other than stuffing our faces!

Midin.. beats paku pakis anytime!

We made a quick stop to buy white pepper, eat again before heading home to pack. JS’ dad again, cooked for us specialty dishes – the midin (a kind of fern) stir fried in red wine, pucuk keladi in udang kering and belacan and free range chicken with mushrooms!

This is how pucuk keladi looks like

It was indeed a good, short outing. We love Miri as it is – the friendly people, the less polluted air, the very quiet and colonial neighborhood and of course, the food! We are definitely going back there for another visit soon in the future!

For other pictures of this trip, please click here.

2 thoughts on “Last Day In Miri

    • Yes.. they are crunchier! I guess probably it’s the way it’s cooked. We usually have it with sambal belacan.. but this one is cooked with red wine!

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