Snow Lotus Enzyme Benefits

Over the past few months, my friends and I have shared information on the benefits of snow lotus enzymes that I think it’s best to share them here with the public. Yes.. I talk so much about enzyme until my friends are calling me Aunty Enzyme liao! Haha!

Testimonial #1

My aunt sometimes, has problem sleeping at night. So, she would pop 1/3 of a valium pill whenever insomnia strikes. After taking this enzyme, she no longer requires to take valium. I guess enzyme is definitely better than taking sleeping pills in the long run!

Testimonial #2

I didn’t really notice this till a friend shared with me that, she gave a bottle of the enzymes to one of her friends who has problem getting out of bed. He’s a man in his 40s. In the morning, before getting out of the bed, he had to wait a little while because his joints were stiff. Then, he had to grab whatever he could to help him to get up. After taking this enzyme for a month, he has no problem getting out of bed now. In fact, he told my friend, he could just practically jump out of bed in the morning with joy! Haha! Speaking of which, I also had the same problem sometime back – stiff joints. These days, getting out of bed is no longer a chore!

Testimonial #3

My cleaner shared with me this story. Her friend is a cab driver. He couldn’t drive the whole day because of back pain. He would only go out in the morning and had to retire after lunch as his back will be sore. After taking this enzyme for a month, he is now able to be more productive! He has been driving cab the whole day and the pain behind his back is gone!

Testimonial #4

A colleague brought back the solution from conserved water from rinsed snow lotus yeasts during harvesting for her daughter. Her daughter has a back full of pimples. During bathing, she rinsed her back with the solution. After two weeks, there is a marked improvement! No more new pimples sprouting and the scars are healing beautifully.

Testimonial #5

A colleague is suffering from severe period pains for some time. So, she went to the doctor in June this year and discovered that she had 6 fibroids. One of them is as big as 4 cm. The doctor advised her to immediately undergo surgery to remove them. She hesitated and, upon hearing this, my other colleague – the very nice lady who shared this enzyme with me, gave her a bottle of enzymes to try. She consumed enzymes for two weeks and went to the doctor again last week. Surprisingly, the fibroids had reduced to only 4 and their sizes are shrinking! It’s a miracle! Even her doctor was puzzled! She was really happy that my colleague shared this with her! Apparently, a few ladies had also share the same testimonial on period pains. After consuming the enzyme, they feel that less pain or totally painless when they have their monthlies.

Testimonial #6

Another cleaner from my office shared that she has been having problems sleeping for many years. She would go to bed at 11 pm, hoping to get a shut eye but she could not sleep, even if she’s very tired. She had to toss and turn in bed, sometimes till 3 am before falling asleep and woke up at 7 am for work, groggily. After consuming the enzyme, she has been able to sleep well and feeling fresh the next morning, so she’s very happy.

Testimonial #7

I got this from a comment in my first post on snow lotus yeast enzymes. Here goes: –

elise Says:
November 4, 2010 at 10:44 am
My colleague mother who has diabetic, who needs injects insulin 3 times a day with rating point:13, after taken the enzyme, her rate drop to point:5, so she is very convinced.

Testimonial #8

Since a friend was away from holiday the whole week, she came back and found that the vegetables in the fridge were no longer fresh. In order not to waste, she decided to cook them anyway. So, she soaked the vegetables with a spoon of enzyme in water. Surprisingly, the vegetables turned out to be crunchy!

I saw an article from China Press, which told of a woman in Penang who harvested the enzymes from the yeasts in barrels and distributed them to old folks home and helping poor people who couldn’t afford medical treatment. You can read about it here. I’ve also found a website with English explanation, so, you can click here to read it.

Snow Lotus Enzyme has been helping a lot of people tremendously. So I do hope that by sharing this, we would be able to help those who are in need.

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  1. Hi Gina,

    Is there any way I can get the Snow Lotus Flower Yeast? I wanna try and make for myself. I gave birth the 3rd time and eversince have been getting wind chills to the bone. I would love to try and make this enzyme for the good of my health. Baby is now 5mths.

    • Dear Joanne – Congratulations on your baby!😀 Hope all is well. You may refer to this link – there are some readers offering to give the yeasts away. I am still taking the enzyme and so far, so good.🙂

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