Yehliu, Jiufen and Shilin

Day 5, Taipei
8th December 2010, Wednesday

Since Keelung is situated rather far from the city, we decided to continue hiring our drivers. They have sent us all the way from Taichung to Taipei too. So, it’s good to give them another day of business – since they are away from their families for so long 4-5 days already out with us.

The waves were very strong!

Our first stop was to Yehliu, an ocean geo park. We paid NT50 to get inside. Here, we see weird rock formations. It was a hot day, it was a lucky thing I have my hooded jacket. Otherwise, I guess I’ll be fried! It was indeed a good day out – with strong winds blowing at you, risk takers fishing at the dangerous zones surrounding the area and watching tourists’ antics; fighting for a spot to take photo with the famous Queen’s head – two of them were Lian and Amy. Haha! I didn’t bother because I really don’t see what’s the fuss is all about! Sea food and sea produce are rather popular here – so, people, be sure to order some fresh seafood here and if you like, I saw many people buying fish candy.

Along the way to Jinguashi’s Gold Eco Park

After lunch, we made our way towards Jiufen. However, the drivers sort of lost their way, so we wasted a considerable amount of time here. Along the way, we stopped by a scenic spot for photo. Here, it was said to be an old gold mining area. After the gold depleted, the place was beautified as a tourist attraction place. A quick search on the internet, I just found out that the water is actually toxic due to its high metal content!! Haha!

Bay of two colors

The highly acidic water flow to the nearby sea and the clash of freshwater laden with metal and sea water formed dual colors, and hence, the area is named Bay of Two Colors. Our drivers made a stop here as well for us to snap some photos.

Crowned Prince chalet

Next, we dropped by Jinguashi’s Gold Ecological Park. Entrance is free! So, we venture around this area for awhile. The museum was not open, I didn’t know why, since I think it’s only closed on Mondays. So, we just mopped around the area, had some hot ginger drink, visited the Crowned Prince Chalet and walked about. By the time we finished, it’s already 5 pm.


We eventually arrived at Jiufen, but were only given an hour to look around. It’s because, the drivers said it’s really jam all the way back to Taipei, so he asked us to hurry up. I guess they were in a haste to go back to Taichung. So people, it’s better to hire a local driver, or even better, take public transport to come to Jiufen!

Ice cream popiah

I love Jiufen! It’s a really nice, quaint place with Japanese-styled shops, inns and eateries – given that the Japanese once settled at this place during the gold rush and set up their homes. We tried the popiah wrapped ice cream. It was really delicious. We dropped by a shop selling all sorts of ocarinas. The shop owner is really, really cute! He charmed his way through us by blowing the ocarinas effortlessly. Throw him any shapes of ocarina – tortoise, planes, owls, rabbits, he would blow them all! I ended buying two ocarinas from this very handsome man. Haha. Too bad I didn’t take his photo!

Shilin Night Market

The drivers offered to drop us at Shilin Night market on our way back. So, we took the opportunity. The first night in Fengjia Night market sort of gave us some preparation of what to expect. However, since it was a weekday, Shilin Night market was not very packed. Thank goodness we managed to maneuver around without much jostling and pushing!

2 thoughts on “Yehliu, Jiufen and Shilin

  1. oooo i love those ice cream popiahs!! best thing i had in taiwan! hehehe and i think we went to the same ocarina shop. the guy very friendly and gave us demo after demo. and i ended up buying 2 ocarinas from him😛

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