Danshui, Beitou & Beef Noodles

Day 7, Taipei
10th December 2010, Friday

Danshui Old Street

We took the red line towards Danshui for a walkabout. As soon as we got to the station, there is a tourist booth there, offering guides in English as well as Chinese and Japanese. We took a brochure from the booth and were pleased to find that, there are so many things to do here! For adventures seekers, this place offers mountain climbing at Bali (Yes! they have a place named Bali here!) and mangrove swamp educational tour as well. Also very friendly for cycling enthusiasts. I think we ought to spend one whole day here, but given our lack of time, we decided to venture here for a half day trip.

Agei – Stuffed tofu with tong fun

First thing, we gotta get fed! So, we went on to find the famous Agei – tofu stuffed with tong fun, to be eaten with nam yue sauce. It was a delight as the nam yue sauce was not too salty! A friend commented that the tong fun inside was too soggy for her liking. I am not sure which store she went to, but the one I got from the Old Street is quite good. I can’t remember the name of the shop though coz I don’t read Chinese! Other things not to be missed – the fishballs, pork chop rice, just to name a few.

Ferry ride at Bali pier

Danshui is famous for its pineapple tarts. Many friends asked us to buy them some pineapple tarts from here. We didn’t know which brand is the best, there were many around. We chanced upon a shop selling handmade pineapple tarts. It’s not cheap, going for NT200 per box of 10. It’s about RM2 per piece! However it was quite worth it because the pineapple tarts are delicious and thick! It weighs about 50g per piece! If you go for the generic brands – I think they are selling for NT200 for 3 boxes, if not mistaken. Indeed, the pineapple tart is lighter and texture is not as solid as the handmade ones. We chose the latter for our family.

Danshui Chapel

We walked about Danshui while eating along the way. Then, we chanced upon the Chapel. There were two couples taking wedding photos. I guess if you want to take wedding photos, Taiwan could be a good choice to take photos. We would love to explore more but then, due to unlimited time, we made our way to Xinbeitou.


We took the red line back to Beitou, at the interchange, hop onto train towards Xinbeitou. Once you reach the train station, take the exit towards the hot spring. We walked approximately 850 m to reach this place. There’s an old shop for hot spring bath offering service for as cheap as NT200 per person for 30 minutes. I guess we should have gone to the hotel ones. At least, they looked more comfortable. I didn’t try because I have high blood pressure. So I didn’t want to risk it! And also, because Selayang has a hot spring pond as well, some 10 minutes away from my house and I didn’t even bother to go! Haha!

“Natural” Hot Spring

After waiting for others to have their hotspring bath, we had our late lunch. I was famished! After the meal, and the other girls were ready, we parted ways with the rest and went back to Ximending because we bought far too many pineapple tarts! Haha!

I guess, for Danshui – Beitou route, it’s best to go to Beitou first in early mornings, then go to Danshui for lunch and loiter around the area till night time because I understand that, Danshui looks absolutely lovely and lively at night! I bought some stuffs here – a pair of wooly gloves goes for only NT80 each! That’s damn cheap!

At Ximending, we took a real leisurely walk and ended up going for the 4D movie. It was something like Motion Master in Genting Highlands. For NT100, we screamed like some crazy bitches! Haha! It was hilarious! We wanted to watch a movie but it costs NT280 per person – ticket, popcorn and a drink! So expensive!

Some of us went to Momo to shop and guess what? They keep having sales every other day! My cousin sister bought 1L Vaseline lotion for NT239 on Friday but on Saturday, when we visited Momo again, the same lotion only costs NT179! We stock up on masks too and it’s only NT499 for two boxes of 25 pieces! (50 masks for Rm50??? Rm1 per mask?!) Haha! No wonder we buy like crazy!

Yummilicious beef noodles

One thing I need to highlight though is the dinner that we had. We had beef noodles, somewhere along Kunming road that we stay, and it was simply superb. The beef is chunky and the noodles are home made. The size of the bowls of noodles ranges from small to large. I can’t even finish one small bowl so I dare not think how big is large! But I saw a lot of people having medium bowls! Taiwanese surely can eat a lot!

12 thoughts on “Danshui, Beitou & Beef Noodles

  1. Sue: Haha! How to compare lah! Cannot compare.. but compare to Malaysia, it’s only RM10 to RM11 to watch a movie, RM7 on Wednesdays! Better still… RM7 per DVD for entire family to watch. Haha!

    • Thanks for the compliments! You certainly made my day! Haha! I think some of my travel posts not suitable to be read by children leh coz a lot of F word in it. HAHA!

  2. Love the Danshui chapel pic…. but the Agei look a tad icky for me …. what is the white gelatinous stuff on top… I thot you said it was stuffed tofu with tongfun?

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