The New Year 2011

2010 came and went. Now it’s 2011. Again, how time flies. I told a very young friend that, once you hit 21, there is no stopping the years from coming down at you like torrential rain. Haha. Spent the last few hours of 2010 at a friend’s place with loads of Moët & Chandon and laughter! It was a great night, with clear skies overlooking KL skyline. I couldn’t think of a better way to usher the new year!

2010 has been a rather tough year. Many things happened to my otherwise “simplistic” life. My life is like calm waters till somebody threw a stone in it. As I was getting complacent and felt I owe nobody nothing, out-of-no-where, challenges, obstacles and even shit happened. Of course, this post is not about the things that happened. It’s about how I, with tremendous support from family and friends, managed to triumphant over them! I am really thankful to have a supportive family and understanding friends.

2010 also marked a milestone for my dearest sister. I am now officially an aunt to a very, very cute baby. I pray that Ern Ern will grow up to be good, filial and healthy. Otherwise, she will makan rotan. Haha!

2010 has been a year to appease my travel lust. I’ve been to too many countries in a year that I am now officially broke. Haha. Well, I worked hard so I guess I could play hard. Traveling is indeed food for the soul. But then, I guess it’s always good to spend within one’s means and have a good management of one’s finances.

I wrote that I wanted to be less judgmental early last year. I guess I still have a lot to learn. However, one thing is good though. I seemed to have more patience now. Perhaps, I am getting old and melancholy – which is not necessarily a bad thing (melancholy – no, old –yes! Haha).

So, here’s wishing everyone a fantastic year ahead. Come what may. We shall prevail.

14 thoughts on “The New Year 2011

  1. Happy New Year!

    Life has been neverendingly challenging. I don’t recall much about my life prior to being 30. Anything before 30 did not look important at all (to me that is) :♦)

    • ai shiang – I could recall everything in vivid colored memories.. sometimes it scares me! Haha! Well, like the Malay saying goes, “Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih”. Forget the past, the future is yet to come, live now to the fullest.

  2. May 2011 be filled with more travels for u my dear… As u say – good for the soul! Money’s to be spent … Can’t take it 6 ft underground with us I always say…. Have a good year dearie!!!!

    • My dear friend, I wish the same for you and Tony! Yes you are right! What for keeping so much money with you when you can’t bring it along with you to use it in the afterworld. Hehe!

  3. Happy New Year Gina! (albeit a teensy late)

    I totally agree with you on how the age totally creeps up on you after you hit 21. I’m wondering where the years has gone by… here I am looking at my age and still feeling like I’m 21… how leh???

    Let’s hope 2011 will have enough joys to keep us going and enough sorrows to keep us human (or grounded whichever it may seem). One must take the good with the bad if one shud ever come to understand the importance of appreciating the good times even more.

    • Haha! Good lah to continue feeling like 21. I think I felt that I am almost 40 when I hit 21.. so now God knows how old I feel. Haha!

      Yes, happy new year! Hope you will always be joyful and blessed with so much love.

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