It’s So Cool… NOT!

Happy sekejap!

I was sorting out mails at home and I found a very rare CNY card addressed to me. I was delighted. Who sends CNY card nowadays anyway? This sender has been sending me new year card every year since she started doing her insurance business. Hats off to her for “keeping in touch” for so many years. Since she’s a successful insurance group sales manager now, I guess she would be having an office clerk to help her with the mailing. Well, this is not what I want to talk about today.

As I opened the card to look at the prosperous words inside, a leaftlet fell out. I looked at it and saw – special features, buy back option. Since the sender is doing insurance, I guess it’s okay. Perhaps, she wants to show me some good investment or savings scheme. I am a strong supporter of insurance, since I pay no less than RM1,000 per month for coverage.

Can use the 1Malaysia logo meh?

I looked further and saw the words, Smart Early Payout Critical Care. Hhmph.. perhaps this savings scheme came with critical illness protection. Okay fair enough.

Ballonbahasa baku?

Then I saw the word, “Ballon”. What the fuck is a “Ballon”? Oh I see. She meant angioplasty. Well, I am not totally an ignorant bitch. I know what angioplasty is. If you want to educate some ignorant people, ok, fine, you can call it balloon but, for God’s sake, please spell correctly lah. Wait a minute.. maybe the sender visited France and suddenly loved everything French. Balloon is spelt ballon in French. Ok, fine, fair enough.

TPD means Total Permanent Disability, for those who don’t know

Death and TPD.. ok.. fine. I am an open minded person. Everybody will die some day, some how.

I didn’t feel any gagging in my throat till I flipped the flyer.


For your info, I added the yellow stars on the picture. It came uncensored.

Do you seriously, SERIOUSLY think it’s a great idea to put pictures of cancerous breasts together with a CNY card? With all due respect, I am highly receptive of the concept of insurance. But I don’t think you should rub it in with horrifying pictures to get your point across! On any normal day, I am fine if you show me cancerous breasts, gangrenous foot due to diabetes, etc but COME ON! YOU INSERT the leaflet in a Chinese new year card? PLEASE LAH. HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE!

Seriously, I was thinking of contacting her for some financial planning matters but I guess the leaflet really turned me off! I am taking my business elsewhere! I guess I am going to throw her CNY card in the bin from next year onwards!

17 thoughts on “It’s So Cool… NOT!

    • You good lah.. didn’t receive the breast cancer thing. Maybe it’s becoz you are a guy, so she didn’t send you.. but then, didn’t she know, men also can get breast cancer??

    • Yeah. Guess as much when I saw the “smart”… but seriously, sometimes GSMs are a force of their own, and insurance companies need to pander to their very whims. Still, will highlight to the powers that be…😛

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