Over the weekend, I drove to Puchong to meet up with some friends. As I was approaching the restaurant that we were supposed to meet, I was glad to see that, there were plenty of parking spaces. I would have opted to park on the main road as it was nearer to the restaurant but decided against it. So I turned into the lane adjacent to the restaurant instead and parked there.

I walked towards the restaurant and sat down, read the menu and started to sms my friends that I am there waiting for them. I was somehow feeling restless, like something is not right.

Suddenly, I heard a loud bang behind me and less than 2 seconds later, another bang on my side! I jumped up from my seat and looked behind me. I saw a Getz making a sudden screeching halt, with white smokes coming out from its rear. A lady was inside the car and she was in shock. The car alarm on a Persona on the parking lot on the main road went off like crazy.

A Waja didn’t stop at the junction and rammed into the Getz and the Getz went out of control and banged into the Persona parked in front of the restaurant. At that point of time, I was telling myself – “Thank GOD! I didn’t park there!”

I quickly called my friends and told them to be careful and not to park on the main road.

A short while later, there were many people standing there. The lady was still in shock but she was really angry and I saw her pointing at the guy who drove the Waja. This is a commercial area with people walking about, for goodness’ sake. There is no point speeding down the road like you are on some highway. Luckily no one was injured. I just feel sorry for the guy with the Persona. He was about to leave with his three other colleagues, and the accident happened. I guess he’s lucky that he wasn’t standing near his car, otherwise, he would be the most unfortunate victim!

6 thoughts on “Lucky!

    • I think so too. Coz, I was driving at 60kmph before slowing down to turn at the junction, one very old Mercedes overtook me, like we are in some formula One race track! I hope it breaks down! Haha!

  1. So crazy driving is not just restricted to KL. I don’t think I would ever have the courage to drive in Malaysia and you confirm my fears!

    • I guess driving in KL is still relatively safer compared to Dhaka or Hanoi? Or China? Haha. If Kat can drive here, so can you. Don’t be a wimp! Haha!

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