Awesome Things

1. You are on your way to do heavy grocery shopping and you get a parking spot right in front of the exit door of the hypermarket!
2. The things you wanted to buy are on sale on the day when you go shopping.
3. Going to get the laundry done but someone beat you to it.
4. It’s Sunday night and you found your working blouse is neatly ironed, hung in your closet. Thanks, mom!
5. When you are down to your last sen and you accidentally found some cash stash away in your study desk drawer.
6. When you are broke and a friend said, he or she owes you money and decides to pay you back.
7. A friend got you a very nice vintage winter jacket for a steal at the flea market.
8. A friend bought you a book published in 1956, probably the oldest book to be found in your book shelves.
9. A friend whom you haven’t spoken to many years, drop by your house with a pot of apple honey when she read your status on facebook that you are having a pro-longed cough.
10. Being able to make a friend laugh when he/she is down.
11. Kissing my little niece, right after she got out from a bath.
12. Totally forgotten about a commission arrears and receiving a one lump sum of money!
13. Getting invitation to join friends for a reunion/ meal, showing that they are still thinking of you.
14. Get a phone call from an old friend and bitched about a common friend. Haha!
15. Not having to go to work the next day because somebody won a football match.
16. Accidentally farted in a public place but no one took notice. Phew!
17. Taking awesome pictures while sitting on a moving bus, walking in a hurry, accidentally clicking the shutter!
18. When the CD that got stuck in the CD ROM in your lap top, pop out by itself.
19. Receiving a card via snail mail, all the way from UK.
20. Getting free movie passes and bringing along friends.
21. Someone send you a song that you have been looking for so long.
22. Having friends paying for your lunch because you are such an awesome person! Haha!
23. When your boss gets your joke (I blame it on age gap!).
24. The children did all their homework without being told.
25. Having the tv entirely to yourself and getting to watch what you want.
26. People letting you to pay first because their grocery list is longer than yours!
27. Having people to drive you to work everyday.
28. Having somebody to offer you a cookie when you are feeling so hungry that you could eat a horse!
29. Getting inspiration of what to blog next and ideas flow like clear river.
30. Getting at least one comment in each blog post – at least I know somebody is reading it!

So, what’s on your list?🙂

Inspired by Neil Pasricha’s 1,000 Awesome Things.

6 thoughts on “Awesome Things

  1. Hi Gina! I enjoy reading your blog… and follow your blog regularly though I dont leave comment…. This refers to point 30 -no comment does not mean nobody’s reading it🙂 Keep up the good work❤

    • Thanks Cumene! I remember you! I think you commented quite a bit in my old blog post. Thanks for reading my blog over so many years! At least I have some encouragement to continue!

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