My Mulberry Bud

When I was little, I helped dad in the garden. He planted many plants – guavas, bougainvilleas, aloe vera, etc. It was me who always wrap guavas emerged from wilted flowers and got rid of caterpillars on the leaves. I liked gardening so much that I basically spent every evening when I was a child in the garden, playing with earthworms and beetles.  I made friends with neighbours and shared our passion for gardening as well.

When I moved to Kuala Lumpur 20 years ago, I could not find time to do any gardening. Mom and dad already working full time and I had to help out with house chores. House chores alone took the whole day and weekend. We, the children also worked part time from home for extra pocket money, helping an aunt packing dry condiments  in small sachets for sale.

I was inspired when I visited a friend’s home during Chinese New Year this year. She bought a corner lot house for the garden to grow her own crops. I think it’s a pretty good idea – towards self sustenance.  She is a vegetarian, hence the idea of growing own crops, to avoid buying vegetables laden with pesticides! And the price of organic vegetables are way too exorbitant!

My aunt started to grow some edible crops as opposed to decorative plants about 6 months ago . She said it’s more practical to grow food, rather than just a decorative plant. I couldn’t agree more.  We were glad that some crops turn out to be okay, even when we grow them in pots, due to lack of space. We have our own longan tree now because the children love longan! We have a pamelo tree for a few years now but have yet to see the fruit. I guess we have to wait longer. We have pandan leaves, indian borage (mint!), curry leaves (where people steal all the time!) and also a type of vegetable, if not mistaken, it’s called Taiwanese spinach. We also grow our own chilli padi since we love chilli padi very much! We have our own green chillies too. So, I decided to help my aunt out a little, since she has been doing gardening herself since her retirement 10 years ago. If you happen to see a mad woman, digging and pulling weeds in her working clothes, it’s probably me! Haha!

First bud on my mulberry stalk!

I woke up one morning then found out that mulberry stalk given by my friend during Chinese New Year started to bud! I was ecstatic at the sight of the first bud! Looking forward to more surprises from my garden!

Random Notes

Branded Bags

I am not a person who believes in splurging thousands of ringgit on a handbag. However, I do buy some expensive bags (under Rm500) for practicality sake. However, I notice that, some people who could not afford branded bags and perhaps, they own only one bag, like to hold their “expensive” bags in front of them when taking photos.

In our recent company’s event, it’s really funny to see the girls (most of them are clerks!) holding their LVs (for the record, it’s probably the cheapest in LV line – the Speedy) in front of them when they walk, occasionally hoisting the bags up – almost hitting people’s faces who walk behind or beside them! And you should see how they pose for photos!

Hope You Don’t Mind

When a person asks me for my help, and ended the request with “I hope you don’t mind”, I really want to shout at the person, “Yes, I do mind! Please go do it yourself!”

I know, the person is trying to be courteous but I guess a simple, “Thank you” would suffice. I don’t really see the point of you saying, “I hope you don’t mind” especially when it’s not even my job to assist you!


There’s a security guard in my office that was rather lecherous. He made sexually harassing remarks even to the married ladies. I am surprised he was still employed. Today, he passed away due to chronic diabetes and dengue. He was 40 and single. Even though, I loathe him when he was alive, I somehow couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. I guess no matter what a person has done to you in his or her lifetime, once it’s time for him or her to meet the Maker, you would somehow feel “insaf”. It’s very sad to be remembered for the bad things you’ve done when you were still alive.


If you notice, I’ve a new category in my blog, domesticated. For your info, I won’t be traveling for the time being, so there won’t be much write up on places of interests. Ho hum. Yes, boring. Haha! Anyway, I will be putting up some home remedies sporadically if I discover some.


Health has been okay since the start of the year, except for a sudden nagging pain in the knee. If I were to go to the doctor’s, he would ask me to lose weight. Yes yes yes. I’ve been trying to eat healthy these days, less on meat, more on vegetables – even if you do see some food pictures in my facebook – well, those were occasional things – Chinese New Year, my birthday, yiddi yadda. I know, no more excuses!


I remember a fellow ex colleague who invited all of us to her wedding. This was back in the 2002. Normally, for a Chinese wedding, there would be an occasion to invite close friends and family on the night before the wedding to have a get together. I was not invited. At first, it didn’t bother me much because I was not close to her. So, it’s understandable.

Then, I overheard other colleagues saying that, I was not invited because I was born in the year of “Dragon”. If I were to attend the party before the wedding, our horoscopes would “clash” and it won’t do her any good. Then why on earth did she bother to invite me to the wedding banquet? So by attending the wedding banquet there won’t be any “clashes” because I am bringing her an angpow?

Geez! I was really furious that I almost didn’t want to attend her wedding! But, after being coaxed by other colleagues and not wanting to create disharmony in the office since we all work together, I attended eventually and made sure I drank all the wine in her wedding. Hahaha! Revenge is sweet! The best part is, she kept badmouthing a couple who came and only giving her RM70 angpow! Talk about insincerity! You don’t invite people just because of angpow! You invite friends because you want to share the joyous occasion! You might as well put a note in your wedding invitation – “Contribution no less than Rm100 is appreciated. Anything less than that, please do not attend. Thank you for your kind cooperation.”

Just today, my sis helped a colleague to collect a cake from the bakery. A colleague’s treat for the office for giving her new born baby girl a present. But there’s a catch. The cake is only meant for those who gave her present or angpows. My sis told her as-a-matter-of-factly that she didn’t contribute to the pool because nobody came to her to ask for contribution. So, my sis is not entitled to eat the cake. Haha!

We are not bitching about not getting a cake to eat – seriously, if you are sincere and happy that your colleagues gave you something for your new born baby, perhaps, you don’t even need to buy them a cake. You can come to office and write thank you e-mails. It’s free! Why bother to segregate who gets the cake and who do not? I find it really unbelievable because this colleague is quite well-to-do, lives in the hottest property in town and holds a managerial position. And yet, behave so cheapskate! I was told that, she is super, duper cheapskate till when she chose dishes for economic rice during lunch, she actually put back some dishes because it was too expensive! OMFG!

I attended a friend’s wedding some years ago where for the first time, all of us had to adjourn to mamak because the food was too little that we didn’t even feel full! It happened because the couple wanted to save cost and insisted on serving everything half portioned. Have you ever been to a wedding where you were served only half a sucking pig? I am not a particular fan of suckling pig but I couldn’t help noticing the portion came with only half the head, not even half the body and the tail was nowhere to be seen! The huge plate looked like someone has eaten from it and we were served the leftovers. It was really “improper”! This wedding has been the most talked about wedding even after so many years!

Seriously, if you don’t intend to give something freely or insincere in inviting people to an event, you might as well save it. It would save you much embarrassment from being labeled as cheapskates forever!

Chinese New Year 2011

Pics taken at friend’s open house, Rawang

This year, we didn’t go back to Port Weld, Taiping to celebrate the Chinese new year. Ever since both paternal and maternal grandmothers passed on 10 and 12 years ago, we hardly made an effort to go visit our relatives in Penang. We will visit them on normal days instead of joining the maddening crowd and hogging the Penang bridge!

We had our 9th day Hokkien version of celebrating the Chinese new year in Kuala Lumpur. Unlike two years ago, I find the fireworks had somehow reduced substantially. I guess the new generation of youngsters no more believing in getting “ong” by offering firecrackers and lavish food.

I remember when I was little, we used to have a whole pig – roasted to perfection as offering to the Jade Emperor decorating the table, together with at least 5 types of fruits, sweet cakes, huat kueh, and other dishes and of course, two stalks of sugarcanes.

Since my uncle passed away due to kidney failure, my late grandmother decided to offer vegetarian food for the Jade emperor. I am not too sure the reason behind this and didn’t find out either.

It’s good to keep the tradition going. Since my old folks are still around, it’s good to spend some time, praying to the gods with them. I pray that they will be granted good health till the end of days, and enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the Chinese new year for 2011. Nevertheless, I wish you happiness, love and prosperity.

Money Can’t Buy Everything

A new colleague supposed to join us before the Chinese New Year but somehow, he didn’t turn up. At first, we thought he had cold feet. Later, we found out, he was actually stuck in the flood in Segamat, Johor after he went on a jungle expedition with his friends.

Water just rose everywhere and in no time, they were cut off from the town itself. They had no choice but to abandon their jeep and waded their way through the waters to the higher ground. They ended staying in a school together with other families whose houses were already buried deep in the waters.

Good Samaritans especially from the restaurants near by, cooked for the entire school for free. Since there was lack of clean water, whenever he saw bottles of mineral water, even if there’s only a mouthful left in it, he would scoop it up and drink from it! They were that desperate.

There is a millionaire among them, who was also stranded in the school. The rich man was fussy and refused to eat whatever that was being offered and kept saying that, he has money – he deserve better treatment and food. What did he want? Dim sum? For Christ’s sake! Nobody bothered about him. We weren’t sure if he did eat in the end, since they were stuck there for about 3 days. Money can’t buy everything.

It was an eye opener experience for this colleague. He said, at the time of utter despair and destitute, everybody looked beyond skin color, race, creed and status to work together to pull through the calamity. We can safely say, sometimes, calamity could be blessing in disguise. The experience has taught this colleague not to take things for granted, be thankful for things that he has, stop squabbling over petty things and made him believe in kindness and goodness in people, regardless skin color, race, creed, religion or culture. He felt really thankful for people who have helped him and his friends to pull through this.