How To Make Fatt Gou

Being a typical Hokkien, every year, my family would buy sugar canes, fatt gou, pineapple, roasted pork, fruits, nian gao, etc to offer to the Jade Emperor on the eve of the 9th day of Chinese New Year, as a symbolic gesture of thanking the god for helping the Hokkiens in times of despair. This year, we’ve made an exception to buy both nian gao and fatt gou since I found out how to make them!

Ingredients/Utensils required:

1. 300ml of water
2. 100g pumpkin
3. 250g of rice flour
4. 150g of sugar
5. A packet of ENO (4.3g)
6. Cup cakes/egg tarts mould
7. Cup cakes paper
8. A super blender!

8 “fatt fatt” Steps:

1. Pre-heat your wok with 6 bowls of water and get it ready to steam.
2. Prepare your mould by putting cupcakes paper into cupcakes/egg tarts mould.
3. Put water, followed by pumpkin, sugar and rice flour into the blender.
4. Blend for one minute (or till the  batter is well mixed).
5. Add in a packet of ENO.
6. Blend a few seconds (on, off, on off the blender 3x).
7. Pour the batter into the mould immediately*.
8. Steam over “big fire” for 20-25 minutes. Please do not open the lid while steaming!

Yield: 10 medium sized fatt gou.

*After pouring ENO into the batter, ensure that you do not over blend it for too long, a few seconds would do before all the gas which contributed to the “fatt gou” evaporated!

And voila! You have golden fatt gou好黃啊 “hou wong ah!” (Digi ad. Haha!)

If you would like to have other colors for your fatt gou, you may replace pumpkin with sweet potatoes (purple!), coffee (brown), pandan leaves (green), etc.

Wishing all of you Gong xi fa cai and happy holidays! May love, happiness, good health and great wealth follow you wherever you go! (*Sing along to Digi ad.. I will follow youuuuuuuuu)

PS. The steps were revised on 30th January 2012, 9.13 pm to ensure accuracy.

8 thoughts on “How To Make Fatt Gou

  1. Hello hello!!!!!! GXFC to you and your loved ones Gina! May good health, good wealth and all things nice come hopping in to be with you all this year:)

    ENO????? Wow, super interesting! First time I hear of it being used in a recipe… very interesting indeed!

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