Benefits of Mint Leaves

This is my pot of pride!

For those who remember, I had bouts of terrible cough last year. It just didn’t want to go away. My friends even commented after meeting me a few times within a few months, that I should get it checked. I have. I’ve been to a few doctors but to no avail. When I went to a Chinese senseh after that, the cough subsided but not long, it came back again.

Seeing that my cough couldn’t subside totally, I decided to try some home remedies by my mom. She has been nagging me to try but, I was just too stubborn. Ha!

All you need is, 7 pieces mint leaves, rinse with water and pound them with mortar and pestle till the juices come out. Sieve the juice into a cup, add a pinch of salt. It’s not a great tasting thing, believe me. It’s really bitter! But if the children in my house are able to take it, I don’t see why you couldn’t! I drank the concoction only twice!

Growing mint is super easy! All you need to do is to pluck their stalk and poke them into the soil. You may grow them in pots if you do not have garden, like I did. Water them, place them in shady area with some sunlight (not direct sunlight). They will grow like weed! It saves your money too! And less drugs into your body system! Happy trying!

PS. Another way of taking it, my aunt would slice the leaves into thin slices and fried them with eggs! A yummy way of taking care of coughs!


Apparently, a friend corrected me and said, this is not mint. He insists that it’s called Indian Borage. So, here are some of the links to read up on this miracle plant.

Indian Borage

Sunny Happy Garden

I insist it’s called Bowles Mint!

7 thoughts on “Benefits of Mint Leaves

  1. Yeah… you’re right… sometimes the most humble plants offer great health benefits… Another one is serai! if you boil it to drink like a tea, it’s also got some anti bacterial benefits. Tastes good too.🙂

    • This type of mint that I mention, is the big leaf type, with furry leaves. The ones we used for laksa are the smaller leaf version and thin. This one is the fat and juicy species.

    • I think I fail Botany coz my friend just corrected me and said it’s called Indian Borage! Haha! But a quick check on the internet, revealed that, it’s also called Bowles Mint. So I will still call it a mint! Just not the laksa kind! Haha!

  2. Gosh, looks like age is catching up …. I couldn’t recall this when reading your latest home remedies…. Good reminder … Now I will never forget what a large mint leaf … Indian borage is…🙂

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