Chinese New Year 2011

Pics taken at friend’s open house, Rawang

This year, we didn’t go back to Port Weld, Taiping to celebrate the Chinese new year. Ever since both paternal and maternal grandmothers passed on 10 and 12 years ago, we hardly made an effort to go visit our relatives in Penang. We will visit them on normal days instead of joining the maddening crowd and hogging the Penang bridge!

We had our 9th day Hokkien version of celebrating the Chinese new year in Kuala Lumpur. Unlike two years ago, I find the fireworks had somehow reduced substantially. I guess the new generation of youngsters no more believing in getting “ong” by offering firecrackers and lavish food.

I remember when I was little, we used to have a whole pig – roasted to perfection as offering to the Jade Emperor decorating the table, together with at least 5 types of fruits, sweet cakes, huat kueh, and other dishes and of course, two stalks of sugarcanes.

Since my uncle passed away due to kidney failure, my late grandmother decided to offer vegetarian food for the Jade emperor. I am not too sure the reason behind this and didn’t find out either.

It’s good to keep the tradition going. Since my old folks are still around, it’s good to spend some time, praying to the gods with them. I pray that they will be granted good health till the end of days, and enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the Chinese new year for 2011. Nevertheless, I wish you happiness, love and prosperity.

10 thoughts on “Chinese New Year 2011

  1. Wow… Your friend really brings it on for his/ her open house! Initially I thot the pics were taken in a commercial area …🙂

  2. hi kai yih!happy belated cny to you!i think your late grandmother must have decided to offer vegetarian food for the following reason: In the sutra, Buddha once said “slaughtering and killing in worship performed for the deceased would create even more sinful karma. This is like the situation in which someone has plodded over a long distance and has been without food for three days while bearing a heavy burden of over one hundred catties when he chances to meet a neighbour who, thoughtlessly, piles something else on his back for him to carry. This would, mercilessly, make his already heavy burden even heavier, and delay his rebirth to a good state!” So there you go…:)

    • Hi, thanks Yin Mand! I guess so.. actually before my uncle passed away, my grandma is already eating vegetarian.. and when she was alive, she requested for vegetarian send off when it’s time for her to go.

      I’ve been trying to eat less meat now. Hopefully lah.. will slowly become full vegetarian.🙂

  3. no worries! it is a process, i even used to hallucinate about KFC drumsticks when i went vegetarian for 2 weeks during my school days..hehe..but of course I didnt understand why I shouldnt be eating meat then..will wait excitedly for the day when i could come to your blog to read about vege restaurant blogs/ recipes (btw, i do love your vege goose recipe)!

    • Once I went vegetarian back in college and boy! I craved so hard for char siew pao! Haha! Glad that you like the goose recipe! I will try to learn from my friend’s mom other vegetarian dishes!

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