I remember a fellow ex colleague who invited all of us to her wedding. This was back in the 2002. Normally, for a Chinese wedding, there would be an occasion to invite close friends and family on the night before the wedding to have a get together. I was not invited. At first, it didn’t bother me much because I was not close to her. So, it’s understandable.

Then, I overheard other colleagues saying that, I was not invited because I was born in the year of “Dragon”. If I were to attend the party before the wedding, our horoscopes would “clash” and it won’t do her any good. Then why on earth did she bother to invite me to the wedding banquet? So by attending the wedding banquet there won’t be any “clashes” because I am bringing her an angpow?

Geez! I was really furious that I almost didn’t want to attend her wedding! But, after being coaxed by other colleagues and not wanting to create disharmony in the office since we all work together, I attended eventually and made sure I drank all the wine in her wedding. Hahaha! Revenge is sweet! The best part is, she kept badmouthing a couple who came and only giving her RM70 angpow! Talk about insincerity! You don’t invite people just because of angpow! You invite friends because you want to share the joyous occasion! You might as well put a note in your wedding invitation – “Contribution no less than Rm100 is appreciated. Anything less than that, please do not attend. Thank you for your kind cooperation.”

Just today, my sis helped a colleague to collect a cake from the bakery. A colleague’s treat for the office for giving her new born baby girl a present. But there’s a catch. The cake is only meant for those who gave her present or angpows. My sis told her as-a-matter-of-factly that she didn’t contribute to the pool because nobody came to her to ask for contribution. So, my sis is not entitled to eat the cake. Haha!

We are not bitching about not getting a cake to eat – seriously, if you are sincere and happy that your colleagues gave you something for your new born baby, perhaps, you don’t even need to buy them a cake. You can come to office and write thank you e-mails. It’s free! Why bother to segregate who gets the cake and who do not? I find it really unbelievable because this colleague is quite well-to-do, lives in the hottest property in town and holds a managerial position. And yet, behave so cheapskate! I was told that, she is super, duper cheapskate till when she chose dishes for economic rice during lunch, she actually put back some dishes because it was too expensive! OMFG!

I attended a friend’s wedding some years ago where for the first time, all of us had to adjourn to mamak because the food was too little that we didn’t even feel full! It happened because the couple wanted to save cost and insisted on serving everything half portioned. Have you ever been to a wedding where you were served only half a sucking pig? I am not a particular fan of suckling pig but I couldn’t help noticing the portion came with only half the head, not even half the body and the tail was nowhere to be seen! The huge plate looked like someone has eaten from it and we were served the leftovers. It was really “improper”! This wedding has been the most talked about wedding even after so many years!

Seriously, if you don’t intend to give something freely or insincere in inviting people to an event, you might as well save it. It would save you much embarrassment from being labeled as cheapskates forever!

10 thoughts on “Cheapskates!

  1. isnt it bad omen to be so cheapskate during your own wedding?! should be ‘tai fong’ mah so that there is a ‘good start’ to your new life together!
    and the cake segregating… aiyo i would be so pai seh la to say ‘hey you! you cannot eat cos you didnt give my baby ang pow!’
    what the heck!

  2. Sigh, macam macam orang pun ada….. I think some people do hold wedding dinners in order to break even or to make money even! I do know of a certain couple who invited 15% more guests than what the venue capacity could accommodate. But it seemed to b a calculated move.. A lot of this 15% were overseas…. But the sent any pows over nevertheless. In the end, the couple MADE money…. Believe it or not.

    • Yes.. speaking of which.. the same colleague who didn’t want to share cakes – when she got married, she also invited other OUTSTATION colleagues – knowing that it’s obvious they can’t make it! Then they had to give angpows because she sent them the invitation card! I was given invitation card too but I was not close to her. I told her as-a-matter-of-factly, I won’t attend and I didn’t even bother to give angpow. I don’t give a shit!

  3. wow…the returning dishes because ‘chap fan’ is too expensive…. gosh… did she manage to do it without returning one single rice together?

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