Random Notes

Branded Bags

I am not a person who believes in splurging thousands of ringgit on a handbag. However, I do buy some expensive bags (under Rm500) for practicality sake. However, I notice that, some people who could not afford branded bags and perhaps, they own only one bag, like to hold their “expensive” bags in front of them when taking photos.

In our recent company’s event, it’s really funny to see the girls (most of them are clerks!) holding their LVs (for the record, it’s probably the cheapest in LV line – the Speedy) in front of them when they walk, occasionally hoisting the bags up – almost hitting people’s faces who walk behind or beside them! And you should see how they pose for photos!

Hope You Don’t Mind

When a person asks me for my help, and ended the request with “I hope you don’t mind”, I really want to shout at the person, “Yes, I do mind! Please go do it yourself!”

I know, the person is trying to be courteous but I guess a simple, “Thank you” would suffice. I don’t really see the point of you saying, “I hope you don’t mind” especially when it’s not even my job to assist you!


There’s a security guard in my office that was rather lecherous. He made sexually harassing remarks even to the married ladies. I am surprised he was still employed. Today, he passed away due to chronic diabetes and dengue. He was 40 and single. Even though, I loathe him when he was alive, I somehow couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. I guess no matter what a person has done to you in his or her lifetime, once it’s time for him or her to meet the Maker, you would somehow feel “insaf”. It’s very sad to be remembered for the bad things you’ve done when you were still alive.


If you notice, I’ve a new category in my blog, domesticated. For your info, I won’t be traveling for the time being, so there won’t be much write up on places of interests. Ho hum. Yes, boring. Haha! Anyway, I will be putting up some home remedies sporadically if I discover some.


Health has been okay since the start of the year, except for a sudden nagging pain in the knee. If I were to go to the doctor’s, he would ask me to lose weight. Yes yes yes. I’ve been trying to eat healthy these days, less on meat, more on vegetables – even if you do see some food pictures in my facebook – well, those were occasional things – Chinese New Year, my birthday, yiddi yadda. I know, no more excuses!

2 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Hey… you getting knee ache? Wanna hear some home remedies from the older trekkies? Apparently, we should be eating loads of lady’s fingers coz it’s got loads of ‘lendir’ … improves the lubricating power of your knees … ahahahahhhh🙂

    • Haha! Got such thing one meh? Another myth is – those girls who are not lady-like, should eat more ladies’ fingers. Hahaha! That’s what my friend told me! I didn’t even trek anywhere and my knee is aching!

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