My Mulberry Bud

When I was little, I helped dad in the garden. He planted many plants – guavas, bougainvilleas, aloe vera, etc. It was me who always wrap guavas emerged from wilted flowers and got rid of caterpillars on the leaves. I liked gardening so much that I basically spent every evening when I was a child in the garden, playing with earthworms and beetles.  I made friends with neighbours and shared our passion for gardening as well.

When I moved to Kuala Lumpur 20 years ago, I could not find time to do any gardening. Mom and dad already working full time and I had to help out with house chores. House chores alone took the whole day and weekend. We, the children also worked part time from home for extra pocket money, helping an aunt packing dry condiments  in small sachets for sale.

I was inspired when I visited a friend’s home during Chinese New Year this year. She bought a corner lot house for the garden to grow her own crops. I think it’s a pretty good idea – towards self sustenance.  She is a vegetarian, hence the idea of growing own crops, to avoid buying vegetables laden with pesticides! And the price of organic vegetables are way too exorbitant!

My aunt started to grow some edible crops as opposed to decorative plants about 6 months ago . She said it’s more practical to grow food, rather than just a decorative plant. I couldn’t agree more.  We were glad that some crops turn out to be okay, even when we grow them in pots, due to lack of space. We have our own longan tree now because the children love longan! We have a pamelo tree for a few years now but have yet to see the fruit. I guess we have to wait longer. We have pandan leaves, indian borage (mint!), curry leaves (where people steal all the time!) and also a type of vegetable, if not mistaken, it’s called Taiwanese spinach. We also grow our own chilli padi since we love chilli padi very much! We have our own green chillies too. So, I decided to help my aunt out a little, since she has been doing gardening herself since her retirement 10 years ago. If you happen to see a mad woman, digging and pulling weeds in her working clothes, it’s probably me! Haha!

First bud on my mulberry stalk!

I woke up one morning then found out that mulberry stalk given by my friend during Chinese New Year started to bud! I was ecstatic at the sight of the first bud! Looking forward to more surprises from my garden!

4 thoughts on “My Mulberry Bud

    • Actually, its leaves are food for the silk worms! But then, I was told we can eat the leaves as well – like pucuk ubi. Also, the fruits can also be eaten and contain high antioxidants.😀 List of benefits can be found here. However, as usual, the key word is moderation.

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