Health of the Mind

I find these days, more and more people are succumbing to mental illness. A recent sharing from a friend, mentioned that, her friend felt guilty whenever she eats meat, so she stopped eating meat altogether. Being vegan is good, but she advised her friend to take supplements to ensure no vitamin deficiency. She’s afraid of where the supplements might come from, maybe there were also animal by products.

Then she refused to eat vegetables even because she said, cutting vegetables or plants will hurt them too. I advised her to bring this friend to see a psychiatrist.

A person close to me is also suffering a mental breakdown recently. It all started with a growth in his tongue. He went to see a doctor and the asshole doctor asked him to go home and search the term on the internet if he wishes to know more. Of course, he went home and googled up a term, supposedly he’s suffering from the growth in his tongue is cancerous. He was taken aback when he saw the term – incurable.

With an infant son in tow and wife still in confinement, he went berserk. When his son was born, the gynae suspected that the premature infant son is suffering from hole in the heart due to his labored breathing. Instead of doing a scan or whatever there is to do immediately after the birth, the doctor took his own sweet time – he went on holidays! The husband and wife also a bit dungu lah.. because they actually waited 18 days for the stupid fucker doctor to come back from his vacation before he order a scan on the baby son. Thank God the baby is fine! No hole in the heart! Thank God!

To add further injury to the already high-stressed circumstances, they hired a totally useless confinement lady who couldn’t wake up at night to feed the baby. I was angry and my blood hit boiling point on behalf of him! Seriously, if you need help, you need to voice up! At least, for our comfort, he took the initiative to seek a psychiatrist’s professional counseling on his own and on anti-depressants now.

I told him to seek second opinion on the growth in his tongue. The second doctor concluded that it can be removed when the swell got bigger. I am sure it’s nothing, there’s nothing to worry about. There are many incurable diseases too – like low blood pressure – there’s actually no medicine for it and also some form of skin allergies which my brother suffered from when he was younger, but eventually cured as he got older.

I am very angry with the state of neglect our health industry is operating in! First of all, such irresponsbile doctors should be de-registered from practice for causing unnecessary stress. If you can’t be bothered to explain to your patient, you should not charge consultation fees. Also, if you suspect something, please confirm immediately! There’s no point to let your patient waiting. Whatever it is, anybody should always get second or third opinion to ensure the sickness. I understand that sometimes doctors do make mistakes. They are human after all (except this donkey who asked my friend to google the term up! Fuck you!). A friend actually got operated on and the doctor found there was no fibroid or growth in her womb. She had gotten under the knife for nothing! If I were her, I would sue the doctor’s pants off!

On general note, it’s always good to have friends or family nearby you to talk about things that are bothering you. You have to remember, there is no problem in this world that is too great to be solved. Seek for answers and you will find. If there is really, really no answer, sometimes it’s okay to learn to let it go. Nobody is perfect.

2 thoughts on “Health of the Mind

  1. Mental health is not something that Malaysians talk very openly about…. It is disheartening to think that people who need help coping are required to take medicines when they see psychiatrists when perhaps they only need psychotherapy which involves talk therapy and support groups. Unfortunately, this form of treatment offers no short cuts hence cost is an issue with some private psychotherapists charging up to rm200 – 300 for say 50 min sessions (yup, Not even an hOur), thus making it a less desirable option. So really, this is something that the Malaysian society should look into….

    • Right.. I think nobody wants to be label as cuckoo. In fact, mental illness is indeed illness. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do about it. And it’s also ridiculous to be paying hundreds of ringgit just to get your problems shared to a total stranger.. a friend once went for a session – less than 10 mins and it already cost her more than Rm100!!!

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