Sour Face

We have a new colleague in our office who never smiles. I wasn’t introduced to her when she got into this office earlier this month. Perhaps I was not sitting in my cubicle at that time. I only saw her couple of times in the elevator. The genius didn’t even hold the elevator for me. Talk about being totally inconsiderate.

I was wondering who she was. I was thinking maybe she was an external auditor. You know, auditors.. they are always so serious. Haha. Then I found out, she was actually our new colleague. My other colleagues from the same floor as her said that, they never see her smiling even once since she started working here. She has a totally sour face. Like vinegar.

It doesn’t take much to smile actually. A smile would put people at ease, even if you don’t know the person. It feels really good when you smile at a stranger and the stranger smiles back at you. Of course, not till the extent of smiling widely and giggling while looking at strangers – they will think you are nuts! Haha!

Even my little niece knows how to smile warmly. Perhaps, this colleague should take some smiling lesson from this 6-month old baby.

6 thoughts on “Sour Face

  1. Your niece has such a sweet sweet smile…….. Hey, interesting new theme you have! Still getting used to it but finding it pretty cool….

    • Erm.. i think this theme has been going on for awhile already. It’s a subtle change from previous theme because of some incompatibility problem. Now, it’s all good. Very difficult to find a theme that suits what I want.

      Thanks.. she’s really cute.. when she’s not fussy lah. Haha.

  2. i had a new colleague who’s also like that. when she first came, i was trying to be friendly and smiled at her when we bertembung muka. but her face remained sour and just looked right past me as if i’m invisible! wtf! i was like, “whoa, who owed her money lar?!?” then i found out there are a lot of perverts around here who take advantage of friendly girls. so i’ve started to limit my smiles for female colleagues and those colleagues who i know are not perverts. so maybe a lot of ppl are also saying that i have a sour face!😀

    • But then.. girl worr.. also scared kena humsup by another girl meh? Haha! Maybe she kena before lah. Here in KL, generally it is ok. I didn’t know Middle east can be so kua cheong eh? You also better be careful and don’t go anywhere alone.

  3. Oh tell me abt it. I hv colleagues who at times dun acknowlegde wen i wish her in the morning & tat really does spoilts the morning. I mean if dowan smile,nod head oso ok la.

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