Random Notes


Been not updating regularly because I was too busy. The past one month had been testing. However, am glad things are going on smoothly now. Like the Chinese saying, “once the boat has arrived at the jetty, it would automatically dock/ straighten itself.” Haha.. very bad translation. Tonight, we will have a small gathering with the family celebrating the full moon of my nephew in my house. Hope that he will grow up to be healthy and filial. Then, my family and I would be off to Taiping and Penang for Qing Ming this weekend.

Clean Freak

I hope I am not turning into a clean freak. Last week, the motor on the water tank in office has broken down. It took almost one whole day to fix it. The following day, the water in the pantry looks super murky. It’s confirmed that, the water to the pantry is from the water tank itself. I heard rumours that, some people saw 1 foot of rust in the water tank. I guess probably why the water taste like blood. I’ve been bringing my own water from home since I started working here. But I need to make coffee too. So, now I am bringing my own thermos. Call me extreme, but I don’t want to get health complications out of sheer laziness to bring my own water.

What’s the point?

I was sharing with a friend on the top 10 CNN heroes – people who have selflessly devoted themselves for the betterment of mankind. The video clips show that, there’s actually some goodness in this world. My friend said, she’s not the type that do charity. She gives donations here and there and help as much as she could. She said, actually, as long as one doesn’t give trouble to others, it’s considered doing a big favor to the society. I couldn’t agree more.

She told me of her friend who is very nice to her dogs but, whenever she talks to her mother – she would be yelling at her. What is the point of showing compassion and kindness to animals but behave the opposite with your own mother? Doesn’t this reflect what an utter hypocrite you are?

My aunt told me of a Chinese saying – “It’s better to give a peanut to someone living than to offer a whole roasted pork to a dead person.” It’s so goddamn true. What is the point of cooking up a storm to offer to the dead, when you are cruel or rude towards the person when he or she was alive?

2 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. Offering roast pork or burning candles are non committal actions which one can show off once in a while. Offering real love and compassion demands real commitment and sacrifices.

    Bottom line is most people chase for the wrong things in life and they are not willing to sacrifice time and efforts for the real things in life.

    That’s life.

    • Sungimann: I guess that’s way life is but I don’t think we ought to support it. As long as we do the right things, stay out of trouble, stop causing trouble for others, and clean up our own mess, I think the world would be a better place to live in.

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