Multi Grains Beverage

Well, as promised to Sue, here’s the “recipe” to make my multi grains concoction every morning for breakfast. A good meal replacement for breakfast!

What you need:-

(a) 1 mug of multi grains (about 3 spoonful)

(b) 1 scoop of flax seed (the soup spoon)

(c) 1 scoop of buckwheat (the soup spoon)

(d) 1 handful of pandan leaves (shredded. If you are using slow cooker, just tie 5-7 leaves together in a knot)

(e) 3 scoops of oats
(f) 1700ml water
(g) Seiketsu blender/ slow cooker

*This amount of ingredient can actually feed 6 people, each person can drink at least one mug. So it depends on how much you want/can to take.

I use a special machine from Seiketsu for this. Only need 30 minutes to prepare. If you are using a slow cooker or stove, I guess it takes the same time as cooking porridge.

Soak the grains (a to c) for 2 hours before cooking. Normally, I would soak once I got back from work, then leave it for several hours. I would drain them before I go to bed. Left them overnight. This is to soften the grains so that it’s easier for our digestive system. In the morning, mix the grains, add on pandan leaves (for this machine, it actually blended the pandan leaves till invisible!) and 3 scoops of oats into the blender container. Fill the blender cooker with 1700ml water. Cook for 30 minutes, and voila! Your healthy multi grains drink is ready!

Well, for knowledge purposes, I share below the benefits of the multi grains diet.

10 Multigrains

Brown rice
Rich in Fiber and Selenium
Lower Cholesterol
Phytonutrients with Health-Promoting Activity Equal to or Even Higher than that of Vegetables and Fruits
Lignans Protect against Heart Disease
Reduce Your Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

Black glutinous rice
high in fiber, vitamins and minerals

Heart-Protective Properties
Development and Repair of Body Tissue
Millet and Other Whole Grains Substantially Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Helps Prevent Gallstones
Fiber from Whole Grains and Fruit Protective against Breast Cancer

Women Who Eat Whole Grains Weigh Less
Substantially Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Help Prevent Gallstones

Barley’s Fiber for Regularity, Lower Cholesterol, & Intestinal Protection
Additional Protection Against Atherosclerosis
Significant Cardiovascular Benefits for Postmenopausal Women
Prevent Heart Failure with a Whole Grains Breakfast
Barley and Other Whole Grains Substantially Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A Grain That’s Good for Your Cardiovascular System
Better Blood Sugar Control and A Lowered Risk of Diabetes
Helps Prevent Gallstones
Health-Promoting Potential Equal to or Even Higher than that of Vegetables and Fruits
Significant Cardiovascular Benefits for Postmenopausal Women
Prevent Heart Failure with a Whole Grains Breakfast

Gordon Euryale seed
Astringing intestines to arrest diarrhea, tonifying the kidney to preserve kidney essence and curing leukorrhagia.

Lower Cholesterol Levels
Unique Oat Antioxidants Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Prevent Heart Failure with a Whole Grains Breakfast
Enhance Immune Response to Infection

Lotus seeds
Anti-Aging Compounds
astringent properties, which makes them helpful in relieving the symptoms of diarrhea and improving appetite

Adlay (red job’s tears)
hay fever, high cholesterol, cancer, warts, arthritis, obesity, and respiratory tract infections. It is also used to treat a disease called toxoplasmosis that is caused by a parasite.

I add additional spoonful of flax seeds (1), buckwheat (1) and oats (3).

Flax Seeds
Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
Omega-3-rich Flaxseeds Protect Bone Health
Protection Against Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes
Flaxseeds Help Prevent and Control High Blood Pressure
Flaxseed Provides Comparable Cholesterol-Lowering Benefits to Statin Drugs


10 thoughts on “Multi Grains Beverage

  1. wah, even reading it oredi feel so nutritious!😛 sounds interesting. i think if cook like porridge also will be quite nice. only problem is dunno if these kinda grains are sold here in sandland! but thanks anyway, for sharing!🙂

    • Hahaha!! Anyway, it doesn’t have much taste, except it’s slightly thick gruel because of oats and if you can blend pandan inside, then you will have fragrant smell of pandan. You may get them from hypermarkets or supermarkets, I guess. Under organic section.

      You may add pumpkin, corn, almonds and other nuts if you like. If put corn, memang like bubur cha cha.

      • ah, corn! i love corn. thanks for the idea! i think we have more beans here like lentils, red beans etc than grains. but will look for it🙂

  2. Wow, sounds like it is prepared with love for your family every morn…. A veery healthy breakfast indeed…. Looks filling man!

    • Oh I see. I just add whatever I like. You may add cubes of pumpkin, sweet potato and corn to your multigrain if you like.😀

      I did this “tong sui” – a packet of barley, one piece of “foo chook” and 5 blades of pandan leaves. You may add gingko if you like. Put barley, foo chook and pandan leaves into the container. Press the middle button. Then, you will have a smooth “foo chook yee mai”. Add rock sugar to taste. My experience – put half packet of rock sugar – the small packet. It’s a winner recipe.

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