Unifi Experience

I took leave today just to get my Unifi installed because I called the call center, and they told me, they needed 4-5 hours just to install it! Geez!

I was pre-warned by James that, it’s going to be a nerve wrecking experience, so I better be prepared for it. I refused to believe him, till my tv died the day before installation! I must have been jinxed! So, in order for things to go smoothly, I went to buy a tv at a nearby shop and paid RM999 cash for 32″ Toshiba Regza LCD. Talk about impulsive buy! Haha! Actually, I’ve been wanting to buy an LCD tv for the house a long time ago, but we keep getting free tvs from our relatives and friends. I can say, for over 20 years, 3 out of our 5 tvs were given free!

Ok.. before I deviate, I just want to share with you my experience. I signed up for Unifi online. Actually, I just want to find out if there’s Unifi in my area by clicking “checking”. The next few days, an agent called me and told me, do I want to install Unifi, so I said yes. So after making arrangement for installation, I hung up the phone. The next day, I received an e-mail saying that, they will come a month later.. wow.. talk about “efficiency”. The guy online spoke like it’s coming tomorrow!

So, after a month of wait, the day for installation came. I am not going to bitch too much about it.. so, here are the pictures. Pictures paint a thousand words.

I don’t understand this concept. But you can’t deny they are creative in pissing you off! Apparently, the roof area to my house is sealed shut… but then, I wonder how the Astro guy did it because he basically didn’t drill anything either! I told them to follow the Astro line but they said, “Cannot!”, with no explanation.

When they are drilling holes (which they said, they wouldn’t!), they didn’t ask you to remove your stuffs and let them covered in brick dust.

The mess after all the drilling! This floor is already half swept!

And they blew a hole in my wall.. sigh…. my aunt went berserk! Forgive the pink wall and the blue ceiling, entirely NOT my choice of colors!

They didn’t ask me for a chair, so they climbed on my old, trusty washing machine.. poor thing!

All my vanity stuffs are covered in brick dusts.

And the “bonus” at the end of the installation… they left their smelly socks behind..

All that said, I hope that Unifi lives up to its name. It’s very fast to stream youtube now! Previously, I had to actually go do some house chores while waiting for the video to stream! Facebook seems faster.. but there’s also a little lag just now, probably FB was occupied at peak hours.. blogging is more or less the same.. uploading pictures is quite a breeze.. I think my old lap top can’t keep up! Perhaps it’s time to get a new one.

13 thoughts on “Unifi Experience

  1. Last time you washed someone’s underwear, now you are picking the stranger’s socks. Seems that you always have an amazing affair with those “leftover”…

  2. omg… if it was me i’d have gone beserk if they did dat to my room… wen i installed my FTTH (the maxis version of unifi) the maxis guy also told me 4 to 5 hours but they finished in by 2 – 3 hours. before they started drilling they checked the area and gave me advice on the best position to put my router so there’s minimal drilling n unsightly wires…

    i initially wanted to put it in my 1st floor open area but they adviced against it. roof was not an option as my home is 2 1/2 story so there was another room at d top… in the end i put it in my room beside d window n i hv one itty bitty hole… i did hv to install additional plug points after that tho…

    they helped to clean up most of the dust before they left n my room was pretty much in d same condition as before they fixed it minus the 3 new additions to my room and the boxes neatly stacked up… after they left i also received a complimentary hamper from maxis for being their first 100 customer to use this… unfortunately FTTH is only available at my area currently…πŸ˜›

    but it’s a hassle wen i want to pay. it’s not registered in their website n i hv to go to the kiosk to make payment… =.=

    • I guess will wait till I renovate my house before I re-wire it again.. damn idiotic lah some people. They are totally inexperienced! And when I told them of what I wanted, one of the guys sort of mumbled I am very “mah fan”. FUCKER!

      • omg… they actually said dat??? i wud’ve told them off man… i’m paying for ur services of course i can b mafan… it’s permanent summore… what a bunch o jackasses… i wud’ve called n complaint aso… hahaha… i queen of complaints… until maxis aso sked of me ady…πŸ˜›

  3. You should write to the papers about how unprofessional these people are….. So uncalled for, their comment…… Seems like the private contractors hired by TM to install unify just want to get the job over and done with as quickly as possible without any regard for what’s best for the home owner…. Hmm mph!

    • Seriously tired dealing with such people. Just let them be. They will never progress and would continue to be nuisance the rest of their lives for all I care!

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