Dark Humid Night

Power went dead twice on the same night last night. At first, I thought there was a problem with the unifi wiring since they sent such “geniuses” over to do it. I went to see if it was only our house which is out – but noted that there were other stretches of houses all over Selayang were out of power!

Total darkness loomed over Selayang. It was a scary thought. The entire house went on a frantic search for candles. Unfortunately, we do not keep candles anymore since my aunt started to use electricity bulbs as candles for the altar as offering to the Heavenly Deities in the house. Talk about advancement of technology! We made do with small candles from left over birthdays. Before the commotion was over, in 10 minutes, the power came back again, much to our relief.

Made a mental note to buy candles – tea lights perhaps and some white candles, batteries for the long, dead torchlights and put in an emergency box, so that we don’t have to grope aimlessly in the dark. Somehow, my outdated candy bar handphone saved me! It was in-built flash lights for video which I find it rather handy during “darkest hours”. Heh!

The entire night, I somehow felt restless. I have not been to work for two days. I was sick on Wednesday. I couldn’t get out of bed as my left waist was killing me. Went to the doc’s and found out I sprained my back muscles. Must be the office ergonomics. Then, took the next day off for Unifi. I tried to sleep my tiredness off, preparing to go to work the next morning but somehow, sleep eluded me.

I was watching tv for awhile to foster some mood for sleep. When I was about to sleep at 2.30 am, again, there was another power outage! I heard our door clicked. I knew it was my aunt, who just came back from her sporadic mahjong session. I quickly rushed downstairs with my awesome flashlight cum handphone. Waited for her to feed my niece before I set up a few more dainty candles for the house, in case dad wakes up at night to go to the toilet, I didn’t want him to fall. I looked around the neighbourhood again, and again, there was dead silence, saved for a few cars driving carefully in the darkened street. Seriously, a scene from Zombie movie popped up in my head. It felt like a movie scene – the night of the dead.

I was preparing for bed and greeted by snores from my third aunt who is sharing the room with me. She is visiting to assist mom to take care of the baby. I tried to sleep but was attracted to the rhythmic sounds of her snores – she did a “Darth Vader” sound – I kid you not!

Just when I was about to sleep, I heard the fan started turning. I wasted no time to blow out all candles. I finally felt relieved to get some rest.. and before long, the phone alarm went off.

4 thoughts on “Dark Humid Night

  1. Nite nite… Sleep tight, sweet dreams (try not to dream about those horrid unifi guys) … don’t let the bed bugs bite

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