Before the invention of mp3, how did those who were students during the 80s or 90s listen to music? Not gramophone or vinyl! We are not that old! Haha!

We would buy empty cassettes by the bulk, share our limited cassette collection, and buy mini compo with two cassette slots, so we can copy and record our favorite songs from the original cassette to the empty one! I know, this was infringing intellectual properties but, we were just poor students who happened to love music then!

A friend also reminded me, some of the music stores did the same – we gave them a list of the songs we wanted and they would record the songs for us – and we had to pay about 50 sen to Rm1 per song. Speaking of which, I think I lost my favorite cassette while moving back to home from college. I remember there’s Madonna, Firehouse, Savage Garden, Verve Pipe, Beach Boys, Phil Collins (OMG!!), Indecent Obsession, Bruce Springsteen, R. Kelly, Bon Jovi, Roxette (!!) etc in it.

Those were the days!

Speaking of which, somebody still owe me a “playlist”!

Energy Saving Ghosts

My handphone rang…it’s the annoying colleague.

“Oh shit! This better be good! I just left office and I ain’t going back!” I thought to myself grumpily for 3 seconds before picking up.

“Hello?” I said, trying to mask my utter disdain.

“Wei! WHY did you switch off all the lights? I am still in office! Now I am groping in the dark!” he complained.

“Eh? I didn’t! I knew you were in office. I left with Ms X just now. She can be my witness!” I answered.

“Then? Who switch off all the lights?” he demanded to know.

“How the hell I know? I am certain it wasn’t me!” I defended.

“Ok then. Damn!”

He hung up the phone.

I looked at the time in my car. It’s 7.05 pm.

Oh ooooo….. my skin suddenly crawled.

We always tried to get out from the office by 7 pm because of the ghosts some of my colleagues encountered previously. She heard a barrage of foot steps running to and fro the corridor next to the pantry when she was all alone in the office!

I should have said this to the annoying colleague, “Maybe you can check with your “friends” staying in office. You better make some tea for them while you are still there!” and let out wicked witch laughter! Damn! That would be fun, ain’t it?

After Lunch Sighting

Was already running late to get back to work. After passing by the traffic light, I was hoping that our driver would step on it, but our car was met by a brief jam. There were many curious onlookers on our right side of the road. I was wondering what was going on and didn’t notice what was happening on my left.

Then my colleague pointed to the left and her other hand slapping my shoulder, “Aiyoh! You see! You see! Going to bang… arrggghhh…”

Immediately, I looked to the right and saw a maroon colored old Mercedes reversing. The car almost bang into a lady who was waiting to cross the busy road. The lady was hitting the car, gesturing it to stop as she was almost being pushed further into the middle of the road. If someone were to drive like a mad man on this busy road, I think the lady would have met with her untimely death.

Then, not 10 seconds later, I saw a bare footed guy in orange suit was being escorted into a police van. Apparently, the brief jam encountered earlier was due to this. A police on motorbike managed to catch the runaway convict and apprehended him – crossed the road to hand over the convict to his colleagues waiting at the opposite side of the road.

How the heck did the guy get out at the first place? Not too sure. What’s important – he’s been caught and hopefully he won’t escape this time.


I was at Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel last Sunday with friends having unlimited dim sum. We chatted on myriad of things. One of them was our pledge not to eat shark fin after learning how the perpetrators are handling the sharks by cutting off their fins and throwing the very much alive fin-less sharks back into the sea to drown a slow death. Tragic.

After brunch, we went home and on Monday, I read about banning of shark hunting in Sabah. Kudos to the state government for taking out shark fin soup off their state’s official functions!

Then today, I read about a crocodile returning a body after the victim was attacked and killed while fishing for prawns. The victim’s friend joked that, the crocodile should return the friend’s body to him if it had taken it. Speaking of which, during dim sum, we also spoke about the reptile in Sarawak rivers, particularly the infamous Bujang Senang.

I mentioned that since the mighty Rajang River is now drained to fill up Bakun Dam, in no time, we will be able to catch the dangerously mythical animal because it has nowhere to hide. Another friend chipped in – perhaps we could make a Birkin bag out of its skin. I think I don’t want to own a bag made of killer crocodile skin – after the animal killed and ate so many human beings.. Imagine.. you might have a haunted bag. Update: I didn’t know Bujang Senang was killed in 1992.. but who knows it’s the real Bujang Senang? Most crocodiles look alike!

So, is it a coincidence? I happen to read about two of the many things we discuss on Sunday in the newspapers within these two days! Or is this proof of law of attraction?

Young Moron

There are many morons – old and young in my office. There is this young moron who gets on my nerves occasionally but somehow, managed to irk me even more rampantly now. What is this? Am I a moron magnet?

She started as a receptionist in my office – she called me “Ms Kai” – my middle name instead of my surname. So you probably would have guessed how this story will go from here.

When she was a receptionist, she never bothered to smile when there are visitors, her right hand and both her eyes totally glued to her handphone. She could be answering phone call with her left hand and ear while her right hand typing away sms on her right hand.

Then, somehow, a “miracle” happened and she was summoned to assist in the office. For ordinary people – we would have thought – good, this is a promotion! But to her, it’s not. She’s frustrated that she no longer could yak for free using company’s phone and of course, she could no longer have her handphone on her right hand at the same time while working in office.

Just after lunch last Friday, she was walking in front of me to the elevator. When the doors of the elevator opened, she walked right in and as usual, her right hand and eyes was focusing on her handphone. She didn’t even bother to hold the door for me. I had to pry open the doors with my bare hands literally!

My other colleague was inside too and she was laughing like a bloody hyena. Since this young moron was standing next to the elevator buttons – my friend could not reach them and it didn’t help either because she was trying to contain her laughter, seeing me painstakingly, prying the doors open!

When I managed to get the doors opened, I shot the moron my deadly glares. Of course the young moron didn’t notice my I-want-to-fucking-slap-you glare as she was too busy with her phone.

Then, she only pressed the button going to her level. At the same time, another colleague was rushing towards the elevator and you guessed it – the young moron was still on her phone and didn’t even hold the door. I practically need to shove the moron aside to hold the doors for my colleague.

The colleague who just came into the elevator knew what was going on and shook her head. We simply couldn’t understand young people nowadays. They seem to be totally dependent on their handphones as if the phones were their oxygen tanks. Their minds are always in another realm. No amount of knocking ala “Hello? McFly? Anybody home?” would do any good for such people. And it’s disturbing to even think such people would become leaders in the future? Tough luck!

PS. Speaking of which – most of my friends in their 30s – are also very much attached to their phones, busy checking-in everywhere, to map out a trail which made it easier for their stalkers to stalk them! Haha!