Young Moron

There are many morons – old and young in my office. There is this young moron who gets on my nerves occasionally but somehow, managed to irk me even more rampantly now. What is this? Am I a moron magnet?

She started as a receptionist in my office – she called me “Ms Kai” – my middle name instead of my surname. So you probably would have guessed how this story will go from here.

When she was a receptionist, she never bothered to smile when there are visitors, her right hand and both her eyes totally glued to her handphone. She could be answering phone call with her left hand and ear while her right hand typing away sms on her right hand.

Then, somehow, a “miracle” happened and she was summoned to assist in the office. For ordinary people – we would have thought – good, this is a promotion! But to her, it’s not. She’s frustrated that she no longer could yak for free using company’s phone and of course, she could no longer have her handphone on her right hand at the same time while working in office.

Just after lunch last Friday, she was walking in front of me to the elevator. When the doors of the elevator opened, she walked right in and as usual, her right hand and eyes was focusing on her handphone. She didn’t even bother to hold the door for me. I had to pry open the doors with my bare hands literally!

My other colleague was inside too and she was laughing like a bloody hyena. Since this young moron was standing next to the elevator buttons – my friend could not reach them and it didn’t help either because she was trying to contain her laughter, seeing me painstakingly, prying the doors open!

When I managed to get the doors opened, I shot the moron my deadly glares. Of course the young moron didn’t notice my I-want-to-fucking-slap-you glare as she was too busy with her phone.

Then, she only pressed the button going to her level. At the same time, another colleague was rushing towards the elevator and you guessed it – the young moron was still on her phone and didn’t even hold the door. I practically need to shove the moron aside to hold the doors for my colleague.

The colleague who just came into the elevator knew what was going on and shook her head. We simply couldn’t understand young people nowadays. They seem to be totally dependent on their handphones as if the phones were their oxygen tanks. Their minds are always in another realm. No amount of knocking ala “Hello? McFly? Anybody home?” would do any good for such people. And it’s disturbing to even think such people would become leaders in the future? Tough luck!

PS. Speaking of which – most of my friends in their 30s – are also very much attached to their phones, busy checking-in everywhere, to map out a trail which made it easier for their stalkers to stalk them! Haha!

8 thoughts on “Young Moron

    • Yes.. she’s super rude.. it’s a miracle she got confirmed as receptionist at the first place. Totally “no smile” in her voice. I was truly annoyed that I really want to give a peace of my mind but then, don’t care lah. Sigh.

  1. hahaha… if i were you, i’d shout loudly (since she’s standing near the buttons), “hold the door!” or “5th floor, please!” these ppl need to be taught some basic manners!

    • She cannot hear you also one.. she will continue to yak to her bf – whom she just met for lunch 5 mins ago.. and she memang perasan she’s damn pretty. Haha.

  2. …heeheehee…. you sure do have many ‘a.k.a’s …. Karipap Slut …. Moron Magnet …. the list sure is building up😀

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