I was at Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel last Sunday with friends having unlimited dim sum. We chatted on myriad of things. One of them was our pledge not to eat shark fin after learning how the perpetrators are handling the sharks by cutting off their fins and throwing the very much alive fin-less sharks back into the sea to drown a slow death. Tragic.

After brunch, we went home and on Monday, I read about banning of shark hunting in Sabah. Kudos to the state government for taking out shark fin soup off their state’s official functions!

Then today, I read about a crocodile returning a body after the victim was attacked and killed while fishing for prawns. The victim’s friend joked that, the crocodile should return the friend’s body to him if it had taken it. Speaking of which, during dim sum, we also spoke about the reptile in Sarawak rivers, particularly the infamous Bujang Senang.

I mentioned that since the mighty Rajang River is now drained to fill up Bakun Dam, in no time, we will be able to catch the dangerously mythical animal because it has nowhere to hide. Another friend chipped in – perhaps we could make a Birkin bag out of its skin. I think I don’t want to own a bag made of killer crocodile skin – after the animal killed and ate so many human beings.. Imagine.. you might have a haunted bag. Update: I didn’t know Bujang Senang was killed in 1992.. but who knows it’s the real Bujang Senang? Most crocodiles look alike!

So, is it a coincidence? I happen to read about two of the many things we discuss on Sunday in the newspapers within these two days! Or is this proof of law of attraction?

2 thoughts on “Coincidence?

    • Probably can try having them in Kedai Makanan Seremban – the place with good grilled crabs. They do serve croc meat.. but I didn’t try lah. Scared.. but I heard they taste like chicken.

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