After Lunch Sighting

Was already running late to get back to work. After passing by the traffic light, I was hoping that our driver would step on it, but our car was met by a brief jam. There were many curious onlookers on our right side of the road. I was wondering what was going on and didn’t notice what was happening on my left.

Then my colleague pointed to the left and her other hand slapping my shoulder, “Aiyoh! You see! You see! Going to bang… arrggghhh…”

Immediately, I looked to the right and saw a maroon colored old Mercedes reversing. The car almost bang into a lady who was waiting to cross the busy road. The lady was hitting the car, gesturing it to stop as she was almost being pushed further into the middle of the road. If someone were to drive like a mad man on this busy road, I think the lady would have met with her untimely death.

Then, not 10 seconds later, I saw a bare footed guy in orange suit was being escorted into a police van. Apparently, the brief jam encountered earlier was due to this. A police on motorbike managed to catch the runaway convict and apprehended him – crossed the road to hand over the convict to his colleagues waiting at the opposite side of the road.

How the heck did the guy get out at the first place? Not too sure. What’s important – he’s been caught and hopefully he won’t escape this time.

4 thoughts on “After Lunch Sighting

  1. Ahahaahahah….. Murphy’s Law…. it always happens, when you’re late, something will cause further delay….. Drama betul la!

    • Ya.. another thing is.. so many things happening in the less than 7 minutes ride back to work.. imagine what other things we can do in a day!

    • asme: Hope it’s not true…. I believe in sometimes, when we are running late or early, we bound to miss something along the way – these are all called chances.

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