Energy Saving Ghosts

My handphone rang…it’s the annoying colleague.

“Oh shit! This better be good! I just left office and I ain’t going back!” I thought to myself grumpily for 3 seconds before picking up.

“Hello?” I said, trying to mask my utter disdain.

“Wei! WHY did you switch off all the lights? I am still in office! Now I am groping in the dark!” he complained.

“Eh? I didn’t! I knew you were in office. I left with Ms X just now. She can be my witness!” I answered.

“Then? Who switch off all the lights?” he demanded to know.

“How the hell I know? I am certain it wasn’t me!” I defended.

“Ok then. Damn!”

He hung up the phone.

I looked at the time in my car. It’s 7.05 pm.

Oh ooooo….. my skin suddenly crawled.

We always tried to get out from the office by 7 pm because of the ghosts some of my colleagues encountered previously. She heard a barrage of foot steps running to and fro the corridor next to the pantry when she was all alone in the office!

I should have said this to the annoying colleague, “Maybe you can check with your “friends” staying in office. You better make some tea for them while you are still there!” and let out wicked witch laughter! Damn! That would be fun, ain’t it?

12 thoughts on “Energy Saving Ghosts

  1. LOL

    That’s a good one…. a ghost going green, not wasting energy. lol

    But you did miss the opportunity for a little playful mischievousness. You should have told about ghosts and the one thatb turned off the lights could be the ghost. Men get scared too, you know. lol

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