Before the invention of mp3, how did those who were students during the 80s or 90s listen to music? Not gramophone or vinyl! We are not that old! Haha!

We would buy empty cassettes by the bulk, share our limited cassette collection, and buy mini compo with two cassette slots, so we can copy and record our favorite songs from the original cassette to the empty one! I know, this was infringing intellectual properties but, we were just poor students who happened to love music then!

A friend also reminded me, some of the music stores did the same โ€“ we gave them a list of the songs we wanted and they would record the songs for us โ€“ and we had to pay about 50 sen to Rm1 per song. Speaking of which, I think I lost my favorite cassette while moving back to home from college. I remember thereโ€™s Madonna, Firehouse, Savage Garden, Verve Pipe, Beach Boys, Phil Collins (OMG!!), Indecent Obsession, Bruce Springsteen, R. Kelly, Bon Jovi, Roxette (!!) etc in it.

Those were the days!

Speaking of which, somebody still owe me a “playlist”!

10 thoughts on “Playlist

  1. oooo i used to do this too! but only did one or two la. and then found the music store to do it. it was very ‘heng’ to give someone you liked a cassette of their fav music! so nice la, with the personalized handwritten song list some more! lol
    last time i used to tape the songs right off the radio also (but would always get the DJ talking bit at the beginning or the ending!) really la… those were the days!

    • Ya.. we go and make a cassette for somebody we like. Haha! I think I didn’t do that but then I get a few lah.. too bad from girls nia. Cis… haha!!! Yes.. damn hate the DJs!

  2. hahaha… i remember doing that too! will keep playing and rewind the tape, to get the exact position to record. mostly i’m the one who would borrow the cassettes from my “richer” friends, coz my allowance dun have budget for ori cassettes. i also seldom go to those music stores, coz for most of my childhood, i have a “chauffeur” who fetches me to and from school, tuition, extra curricular activities… so no chance to “melencong”. ah, those were the days, kan?๐Ÿ˜€

    • We went to the music store alot that time and also, going to Pasar malam.. imagine those days, the cassette cost like RM14.90? Damn expensive lor… I even bought a CD eventually. I think my first CD was probably Richard Marx.. but it’s gone liao.

  3. I used to sit by radio 4 waiting for the weekly top 10 to record the songs, that’s how my hatred for DJs who speak during songs was born. Haha.

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