Bangkok Revisited

Sorry for lack of updates. I just got back from Bangkok yesterday. It was such a blissful trip! Hehe! Anyway, to cut the long story short, I was there for a short visit and some shopping. I guess I need a break after six months of working non stop.

We were lucky this time because we got our colleague in Bangkok to take us around for meals on weekend. At least, we get to sample really good local Thai food at places frequented by locals only.

Aor picked us up from the airport and took us to her favorite restaurant for some crispy roast pork and duck. Try eating it with cold coconut lime – it was heavenly! We went to Wat Arun since I didn’t visit this place the last trip in 2009 and it was one of my favorite temples in Bangkok. We took a boat from behind Grand Palace and paid only 4 baht each person to get across. I didn’t even know it’s that near!

The funny part was to find out how Thai people park their cars. Since there’s always space constraints, they would normally double park and don’t pull their hand brakes – I think like the French. When people want to get out, the parking attendant would help push the car to let the car inside to get out.

Also, people in Thailand are normally warm (except for an assistant in Naraya with overly sour face) – they greet each other and when you pay for your goods or food, they would offer you salute by cupping both hands like a lotus flower.

Demon god at Wat Arun

The fun part of going to Wat Arun – on our way there, Aor was worried we might be dehydrated due to the hot weather and told us to drink coconut water. We bought a coconut each. I thought we would be standing or sitting to finish the drink first before we hop on the boat, but were sent walking in hasty manner towards the ferry. It was really funny to think that there were 4 girls holding a coconut each and walking hastily towards the pier! And the coconuts were super heavy!

Buddha at Wat Arun – the Hindu and Chinese influence

We got into Wat Arun for free – we actually saved 50 Baht each because Aor spoke to the ticketing officer and gestured us in. Haha! We made up by giving donations at the many donation boxes in the temple and prayed for good health.

Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

After visiting the magnificent Wat Arun, we took the boat back to Grand Palace and walked towards Wat Pho. Here, we were told that the place is where all the masseurs in the whole of Bangkok learn Thai massage. There’s a dual charging system – locals pay only 200 Baht for 1 hour massage but foreigners have to pay 220 Baht for half hour massage. For truly traditional Thai massage, you can come here to try. We didn’t because we haven’t taken our baths since morning because we have yet to check into our hotel!

At Wat Pho, the reclining Buddha’s compound, we could take a bowl of loose coins and placed them in the many alms bowls aligned behind the Buddha leading towards the door. Aor said, we could make a wish then, slowly place the coins till the very last coin in the last alms bowl to ensure our wish is fulfilled!

Monk at Wat Pho

Then, another funny incident happened. As Aor was demonstrating how to lock the door at the ancient door of Wat Pho, she couldn’t open the door again. So Gas Stove tried to help her but they couldn’t get the latch to come out from the hole, which we think was rather weird. There was no lock or hook whatsoever in the hole but somehow, we couldn’t manage to remove the latch. Luckily, there were other doors exiting the temple’s compound.. if not, we would probably have to spend the night in the compound where ashes of people were being buried underneath the many stupas and chedis around the temple compound.. creepy!

Kanabnum Restaurant for the locals

Then, we made our way to Kanabnum Restaurant for dinner, one of Aor’s favorite restaurants beside the Chao Phraya river and Sang Hee Bridge. We let her do the ordering since she’s the expert and we ended having a scrumptious dinner. The green curry chicken is a must order – to be eaten with rice vermicelli. The sweet sour fish with cashew nuts is also nice, so was the phad thai. And don’t forget the pork satay! They were delicious! The steamed snake fish in special sauce was okay but it didn’t suit my taste bud. But I could see it being ordered on almost every table in the restaurant, so I guess it’s a specialty!

Egg omelet with smelly vegetables, phad thai, snake fish in special sauce and green curry chicken

After enjoying our dinner, talking about Thai politics (Aor is a Thaksin supporter!) and horoscopes, we made way to Erawan, to give our offerings to the four faced Buddha. Aor told us to ensure that we make wish carefully as it will come true and exactly what we hoped for. I guess she was right. I did made a wish some 6 years ago when I was there and I somehow think, the gods must have fulfilled it, so this time, I merely offer jossticks, flowers and candles as a symbol of gratitude.

One of the many campaign banners in Bangkok

Then on our way to our hotel, Aor passed by the Suan Lum park – where Suan Lum night market was (it has been relocated to Bangna) she showed us the night street walkers coming out to work. We were told that the lady boys would be standing at one side and women prostitutes on the other. We managed to spot a few lady boys in their skimpiest dress. We were told that some girls went into prostitution willingly, not because they are poor. They just want to earn money the quick way. Not all women are forced to work in prostitution – contrary to what we used to believe.

We thanked Aor for the lovely day and we wouldn’t have known so much about Thai culture if not because of her! We check into our hotel late, by midnight. It was pre-election weekend hence, there’s no alcohol being served for the night.

For the Love of God

The past two days, I kept in touch with the really annoying person – my ex boss (Ms Put-Foot-In-The-Mouth) to tell her, there’s a job opening at this prestigious property company. This property company offers good fringe benefits and adequate annual leave and allowances.

Well, to be fair, she maybe socially inept (more like retarded) but she’s generally a good boss. She would give you credit when it’s due and would not purposely give you hard time like one deranged ex boss I encountered. Some bosses would yak nonsense (talking about maids, children, husband, grocery prices, etc) on the phone all day, only to pile work on you right after the office hours just to make your life miserable. May such bosses rot in hell! She also has been complaining to me about her boss who is giving her hard time in office and false promises.

Then, she called me again to check on something before submitting her resume.

She:  I heard the person in the dept I am going to work closely with – is she a relative to the big boss?

Me: Why? I just hear that she’s a nice person to work with. No nonsense. Strict. Straight to the point lah. So no issue one.

She: I heard ah, SHE’s very PINTAI (Cantonese: psychotic) BECAUSE SHE IS UNMARRIED!

Me: @#$%^&*!!!!

She: So is it a 5 working days week ? If it’s 5.5 days, I don’t think I want the job.

Me: Please go to interview then you ask lah. Why ask me?

She: Can lah, please lah, please check for me, ok? please?

Me: Ok ok! I am driving! I will sms you tomorrow.

This morning, I checked for her that, she probably heard the wrong news because the lady in the department is married. So, I sms her.

Me: I heard the person is a nice. She is very professional. She doesn’t mix around with people, maybe that’s why she may look standoff-ish. She comes to office to work only, not to play politics. If you are good, she’s ok with you. And she’s married.

Then I think to myself, this idiot will forever be socially inept if I don’t hammer some common sense into her head. So, I added…


She: Thanks for info. Is it 5-day week job?

Hhmmph? No apologies? Not one tiny bit of remorse?

Me: It’s 5.5 days week.

She: Emm. Need to think coz this is a setback for me.

Me: Yes. Please continue to work where you are at now, till 10 pm because you have to accompany your idiotic boss who is afraid of ghosts and always show black face whenever you take leave. Good luck!

That shut her up real good!

I simply couldn’t comprehend why am I subjecting myself to such insult every time I try to have a decent conversation with her! When am I going to learn? I think my niceness is till this level only. I could tolerate no more.

Monday Blues

This morning, I woke up and went to the kitchen as usual, to prepare breakfast. As I was rubbing my blurry eyes and turned on the tap to wash my face, I saw a cat sleeping in the middle of the road. It’s very unlikely for a cat to choose such place to sleep! They usually sleep in the roof, underneath the car, on the car or sneak into my house to sleep in the bulk of recycled items outside my house which my household collect.

I opened the window and found that the cat didn’t move an inch. Then, I knew, the cat is dead. I recalled last night as I was watching Grey’s Anatomy, I heard a commotion behind my house, dogs barking and cats snarling. I guess the cat died of injuries from the fight.

I looked for two plastic bags to use as gloves to scoop the cat out from the middle of the road – so that it won’t become minced meat at the end of the day. Some cars just never slow down when they see an animal remains and just ran over it like it didn’t matter. Due to time constraints – I just scooped it and placed it at the backyard of the abandoned house behind mine. I guess later today, after work, I would go bury it.

From the wounds I gathered from the surface of the body, there were a few scratches on the cat’s body and a puncture wound at the hind left leg. It’s definitely a ferocious fight. I wish I had acted faster yesterday when I heard the commotion so that I could pour water to scare off the dogs.

Not a good day to start the working week. A dead cat.

Then, as I was walking towards office, I felt some sharp “claw” grinding on the back of my left knee! I jumped and tried to shake the “thing” off which I believed is a cockroach. Worse, maybe it’s a baby lizard! I was surprised that it didn’t come out and I realized that, all my antics were being watched by the cctv in the lobby. God forbids someone saw a heavy set woman doing tap dancing till her left shoe sent flying in the lobby this morning! Oh God! Shit! @#$%^&* Please! No!

The “thing” tickling the back of my knee did not stop tickling! I was in the elevator to get up to my floor and I did another clumsy tap dancing in the elevator.. but then, gawd! There’s also a cctv in there. @#$%^&* I hope nobody saw me. How come I didn’t feel anything when I was wearing my pants this morning? Why is it not moving this morning? WHY??

I walked as fast as I could to my cubicle to leave my things before I made a mad dash to the ladies to take off my pants. I was mumbling, “Shit! Fuck! Shit!” and held my pants high up to shake off whatever there is in my pants! “It” didn’t come out. I had no choice but to turn over my pants to find out what the hell it was.

As I was holding my breath and prayed hard it’s not a lizard – I think I am able to handle a cockroach, I laughed at myself and heaved a sigh of relief when I saw it was only a clothes peg! Thank goodness! Jesus! To think of all the silly tap dancing (worse: wearing polka dots uniform!!! @#$%^&*) in front of the cctv this morning… crap!

I hope the day doesn’t get any worse than this! Happy Monday, everybody!

Wallpaper Drama

I brought my laptop to office and realized I used the same wallpaper in office for my personal computer – the Eiffel Tower picture I took during my trip last year.

Then I thought of the previous wallpaper I had. I remember bringing laptop to meet some friends and I forgot that I had Misha Collins’ face on it. I was totally embarrassed and tried to cover it when the laptop was booting up but it was too late. Everybody laughed at me for having such huge teenage crush. No woman in her 30s should behave like giggly teenager! Man, that was embarrassing!

Once, I dreamed of Mark Wahlberg so I searched for his photos on the internet and found some macho shots of him. No… not the Calvin Klein underwear shots. I put them as wallpaper for my office computer. Then I think, “What if I am not in and someone else need to access my computer?” I took down the picture after a week – actually I was trying to relive the dream – for the record, there’s nothing sleazy – we were running away from bad guys and he was such a hero! Like most of his movies! And he’s so damn hot! Haha!

I remember an ex colleague – his secretary did everything for him when it comes to IT. So one day, he was at a client’s place and using his laptop to do a presentation. The moment his laptop was on and he was shocked to see the picture of himself and his family – wife and daughter, half naked (as they were at the beach and wearing swimsuits) on the projector because his secretary put his family photo as wall paper! Hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!! That was classic! He came back and told his secretary not to put his family picture as wallpaper again, and also no screen savers! LOL!!

So, what is your most embarrassing wallpaper?

Random Notes


Am in office now, waiting for reply from Air Asia on boss’ flight ticket which the ever “efficient” agent screwed up. Such a simple and direct booking and they still mess up! If you don’t even know the difference between Travel Itinerary and Boarding Pass, I think you ought to just close shop, go home and stop giving people more problems!


The old laptop somehow couldn’t connect to Unifi again – after I posted about how to trouble shoot unifi. Anyway, after a phone call to unifi – which doesn’t really make sense – I can see my neighbour’s wifi – all 3 of them, but I couldn’t detect mine, they said my network card is faulty.. how to faulty if I can see other people’s but not mine? Told me to use another people’s lap top to test but everyone was asleep. Fed up, I hung up and went to bed. Little did I know, the Mechanic unplug everything and replug the cords, cables etc and guess what? It worked! I guess this is simple enough for IT not-so-savvy people.


It’s really funny to see the government doesn’t even know what the fuck they are talking about. Block 10 sites but insist this is NOT internet censorship? Your mother gave birth to you but she’s not a woman??? They should all go eat shit! It’s hilarious to see the tourism website – which takes Rm1.8 mil to set up being hacked with dragons, fires, demons and skulls. I think they look lovelier that way!


Have been going out the past few days, socializing. I went to Tapper’s, the Sphere. I recall Datin’s gang came here, wanting to have coffee or tea and they “ran out” even when there’s actually NOBODY in the restaurant! It’s a real shame because their new foccacia chicken bacon is super delicious! Another place to hog for food, is probably Whisk, at Empire Subang. I heard their red velvet cake is delicious (didn’t have any coz a patron sitting next to me ordered the last piece!) and of course, we go there solely for the Last Polka’s ice cream. I have yet to try salted gula Melaka, Guiness and French toast. Going to try soon.