Troubleshooting Unifi

After about 2 and a half month of high speed connection, I suddenly couldn’t connect to the wireless yesterday afternoon. Since I was too busy during lunch, I didn’t have time to call Unifi. When I got home, I was hoping that it would be “miraculously” online by itself. Haha. I thought of putting my law of attraction to work on this but it didn’t.

So I dreaded the call for assistance. Honestly speaking, for streamyx – I think out of the 8 years I was with streamyx, I only called streamyx 3x. I considered myself really lucky.

So I was a bit pissed having to call Unifi just 2.5 months into using it and I haven’t gotten over the horrific installation part yet. After holding the calls for 8 minutes (James told me to hold on forever till someone picks it up), my call was answered by a nice fella named Akmar.

He guided me step by step on how to reset the thing. Good thing that Gas Stove was at home yesterday night so, I get her to assist. She was on the phone, while I just followed her instruction to unplug this and that, test this and that.

For those with Unifi and suddenly the wireless device is not working, here’s what you do (the best I could recall lah and forgive my ignorance because I am NOT a technical person!)

1. Ensure there are 6 lights on the black modem, HyppTV, phone and four lights (lime green (to me it’s yellow! ) and not orange!) on the white router are working.
2. Unplug the red cable from the HyppTV and plug it into your computer.
3. Unplug the router’s red cable from the red socket (4) to any blue socket (1-3).
4. Click on RUN. Type ipconfig
5. It will show, whether there’s a connection or not. Try going online. If it still doesn’t work…
6. Unplug the HyppTV cable off the lap top. Delete the previous connection, redo a new connection.
7. Switch off ONLY the wireless. Wait for 15 seconds.
8. Restart your lap top and wait.
9. Voila.. (hopefully!) your unifi is working again! Use other device to try to connect to the wireless too to ensure it’s working. Remove the red cable from the blue socket (1-3) and put back into the red socket (4)
10. Replug the red cable back to the HyppTV. Switch it off for 15 seconds and reboot.

After looking at these steps – I think we could have skipped all of the above and go straight to redo the connection.. not sure lah if I got it right! Haha!

Thanks to Akmar for the excellent guidance!

Disclaimer: Am writing this for my own record sake – in case such thing happened again in future. It’s best to call up for technical assistance should anything happen – 1 300 88 1221.

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