Random Notes


Am in office now, waiting for reply from Air Asia on boss’ flight ticket which the ever “efficient” agent screwed up. Such a simple and direct booking and they still mess up! If you don’t even know the difference between Travel Itinerary and Boarding Pass, I think you ought to just close shop, go home and stop giving people more problems!


The old laptop somehow couldn’t connect to Unifi again – after I posted about how to trouble shoot unifi. Anyway, after a phone call to unifi – which doesn’t really make sense – I can see my neighbour’s wifi – all 3 of them, but I couldn’t detect mine, they said my network card is faulty.. how to faulty if I can see other people’s but not mine? Told me to use another people’s lap top to test but everyone was asleep. Fed up, I hung up and went to bed. Little did I know, the Mechanic unplug everything and replug the cords, cables etc and guess what? It worked! I guess this is simple enough for IT not-so-savvy people.


It’s really funny to see the government doesn’t even know what the fuck they are talking about. Block 10 sites but insist this is NOT internet censorship? Your mother gave birth to you but she’s not a woman??? They should all go eat shit! It’s hilarious to see the tourism website – which takes Rm1.8 mil to set up being hacked with dragons, fires, demons and skulls. I think they look lovelier that way!


Have been going out the past few days, socializing. I went to Tapper’s, the Sphere. I recall Datin’s gang came here, wanting to have coffee or tea and they “ran out” even when there’s actually NOBODY in the restaurant! It’s a real shame because their new foccacia chicken bacon is super delicious! Another place to hog for food, is probably Whisk, at Empire Subang. I heard their red velvet cake is delicious (didn’t have any coz a patron sitting next to me ordered the last piece!) and of course, we go there solely for the Last Polka’s ice cream. I have yet to try salted gula Melaka, Guiness and French toast. Going to try soon.

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