Wallpaper Drama

I brought my laptop to office and realized I used the same wallpaper in office for my personal computer – the Eiffel Tower picture I took during my trip last year.

Then I thought of the previous wallpaper I had. I remember bringing laptop to meet some friends and I forgot that I had Misha Collins’ face on it. I was totally embarrassed and tried to cover it when the laptop was booting up but it was too late. Everybody laughed at me for having such huge teenage crush. No woman in her 30s should behave like giggly teenager! Man, that was embarrassing!

Once, I dreamed of Mark Wahlberg so I searched for his photos on the internet and found some macho shots of him. No… not the Calvin Klein underwear shots. I put them as wallpaper for my office computer. Then I think, “What if I am not in and someone else need to access my computer?” I took down the picture after a week – actually I was trying to relive the dream – for the record, there’s nothing sleazy – we were running away from bad guys and he was such a hero! Like most of his movies! And he’s so damn hot! Haha!

I remember an ex colleague – his secretary did everything for him when it comes to IT. So one day, he was at a client’s place and using his laptop to do a presentation. The moment his laptop was on and he was shocked to see the picture of himself and his family – wife and daughter, half naked (as they were at the beach and wearing swimsuits) on the projector because his secretary put his family photo as wall paper! Hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!! That was classic! He came back and told his secretary not to put his family picture as wallpaper again, and also no screen savers! LOL!!

So, what is your most embarrassing wallpaper?

8 thoughts on “Wallpaper Drama

  1. i’ve never put my photo as wallpaper before. seems to narcissistic, kan? i only ever used nice scenery photo or cute forever friends wallpaper. for work, our wallpapers are auto-loaded with company’s wallpaper, so we’ve no say there. but i did set my photo in my dad’s phone wallpaper. hahahaha… i’m narcissistic after all!😛

    • I NEVER put my own photos as wall paper.. Haha.. I didn’t even bother to look into the mirror too much..

      Eh, I am also a fan of forever friends! Aren’t they cute?

  2. Ah! I just posted my wallpaper on my blogsite. You’ve seen it . It’s a photo of my favorite video games. I want to replace it with Keanu Reeves’. lol

  3. Ummm… Once put a pic of myself as a kid as a wallpaper on my iPod Touch … Somebody saw it and said … ‘oh, anak engkau kah?’ …. Hmmm awkward …

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