Monday Blues

This morning, I woke up and went to the kitchen as usual, to prepare breakfast. As I was rubbing my blurry eyes and turned on the tap to wash my face, I saw a cat sleeping in the middle of the road. It’s very unlikely for a cat to choose such place to sleep! They usually sleep in the roof, underneath the car, on the car or sneak into my house to sleep in the bulk of recycled items outside my house which my household collect.

I opened the window and found that the cat didn’t move an inch. Then, I knew, the cat is dead. I recalled last night as I was watching Grey’s Anatomy, I heard a commotion behind my house, dogs barking and cats snarling. I guess the cat died of injuries from the fight.

I looked for two plastic bags to use as gloves to scoop the cat out from the middle of the road – so that it won’t become minced meat at the end of the day. Some cars just never slow down when they see an animal remains and just ran over it like it didn’t matter. Due to time constraints – I just scooped it and placed it at the backyard of the abandoned house behind mine. I guess later today, after work, I would go bury it.

From the wounds I gathered from the surface of the body, there were a few scratches on the cat’s body and a puncture wound at the hind left leg. It’s definitely a ferocious fight. I wish I had acted faster yesterday when I heard the commotion so that I could pour water to scare off the dogs.

Not a good day to start the working week. A dead cat.

Then, as I was walking towards office, I felt some sharp “claw” grinding on the back of my left knee! I jumped and tried to shake the “thing” off which I believed is a cockroach. Worse, maybe it’s a baby lizard! I was surprised that it didn’t come out and I realized that, all my antics were being watched by the cctv in the lobby. God forbids someone saw a heavy set woman doing tap dancing till her left shoe sent flying in the lobby this morning! Oh God! Shit! @#$%^&* Please! No!

The “thing” tickling the back of my knee did not stop tickling! I was in the elevator to get up to my floor and I did another clumsy tap dancing in the elevator.. but then, gawd! There’s also a cctv in there. @#$%^&* I hope nobody saw me. How come I didn’t feel anything when I was wearing my pants this morning? Why is it not moving this morning? WHY??

I walked as fast as I could to my cubicle to leave my things before I made a mad dash to the ladies to take off my pants. I was mumbling, “Shit! Fuck! Shit!” and held my pants high up to shake off whatever there is in my pants! “It” didn’t come out. I had no choice but to turn over my pants to find out what the hell it was.

As I was holding my breath and prayed hard it’s not a lizard – I think I am able to handle a cockroach, I laughed at myself and heaved a sigh of relief when I saw it was only a clothes peg! Thank goodness! Jesus! To think of all the silly tap dancing (worse: wearing polka dots uniform!!! @#$%^&*) in front of the cctv this morning… crap!

I hope the day doesn’t get any worse than this! Happy Monday, everybody!

14 thoughts on “Monday Blues

  1. i’ll watch out for any “tap dancing, polka dot wearing woman” on youtube, in case someone thought it’s funny enough to put it up there. will let u know if i find any!😀

  2. hahaha….amusing monday. worst i hate is wearing shoes with roach inside *scream* hate socks on but stil….ewwww.

    • So kind of you! Update – the cat carcass is gone when I came home for lunch.. I think the kind hearted uncle who lives 3 houses away from the back of my house, had buried the cat.

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