For the Love of God

The past two days, I kept in touch with the really annoying person – my ex boss (Ms Put-Foot-In-The-Mouth) to tell her, there’s a job opening at this prestigious property company. This property company offers good fringe benefits and adequate annual leave and allowances.

Well, to be fair, she maybe socially inept (more like retarded) but she’s generally a good boss. She would give you credit when it’s due and would not purposely give you hard time like one deranged ex boss I encountered. Some bosses would yak nonsense (talking about maids, children, husband, grocery prices, etc) on the phone all day, only to pile work on you right after the office hours just to make your life miserable. May such bosses rot in hell! She also has been complaining to me about her boss who is giving her hard time in office and false promises.

Then, she called me again to check on something before submitting her resume.

She:  I heard the person in the dept I am going to work closely with – is she a relative to the big boss?

Me: Why? I just hear that she’s a nice person to work with. No nonsense. Strict. Straight to the point lah. So no issue one.

She: I heard ah, SHE’s very PINTAI (Cantonese: psychotic) BECAUSE SHE IS UNMARRIED!

Me: @#$%^&*!!!!

She: So is it a 5 working days week ? If it’s 5.5 days, I don’t think I want the job.

Me: Please go to interview then you ask lah. Why ask me?

She: Can lah, please lah, please check for me, ok? please?

Me: Ok ok! I am driving! I will sms you tomorrow.

This morning, I checked for her that, she probably heard the wrong news because the lady in the department is married. So, I sms her.

Me: I heard the person is a nice. She is very professional. She doesn’t mix around with people, maybe that’s why she may look standoff-ish. She comes to office to work only, not to play politics. If you are good, she’s ok with you. And she’s married.

Then I think to myself, this idiot will forever be socially inept if I don’t hammer some common sense into her head. So, I added…


She: Thanks for info. Is it 5-day week job?

Hhmmph? No apologies? Not one tiny bit of remorse?

Me: It’s 5.5 days week.

She: Emm. Need to think coz this is a setback for me.

Me: Yes. Please continue to work where you are at now, till 10 pm because you have to accompany your idiotic boss who is afraid of ghosts and always show black face whenever you take leave. Good luck!

That shut her up real good!

I simply couldn’t comprehend why am I subjecting myself to such insult every time I try to have a decent conversation with her! When am I going to learn? I think my niceness is till this level only. I could tolerate no more.

18 thoughts on “For the Love of God

  1. Hmmmm…. Perhaps it’s a good thing she’s not interested in the job lah … Mana tahu, if she gets the job and she encounters some hiccups here and there, you’d never hear the end of it!

    • You have a point there.. also, breaking news.. I think the company has hired a man boss – I like man bosses – they are better bosses, not that I am discriminating against my own kind, seriously.. men make better bosses.. Right, Tony?

  2. u r so nice, still try to find a good job for your ex-boss…
    she don’t deserve your kindness and i wonder how come such a person can be a boss/manager
    but there r a lot of these ppl out there…sigh!

  3. have you ever asked her where she got that stupid idea that unmarried women are pintai? I assume she’s referring to spinsters and old maids? LOL That’s stereotyping.

    • Yes.. she meant spinsters and old maids.. but then, I assure you, not all old maids and spinsters are lunatic.. I have some friends and even relatives who are unmarried and they enjoy life more than married people! And never give hard time to their subordinates!

  4. Shorthorse: True also! There’s actually somebody telling me, her boss is Mat Salleh – yet act like Hainanese (kiam siap and calculative!)

  5. Having her in mind unconsciously or consciously, suddenly I got a call from her on Thursday! Thought that her main agenda was to ask me to be on the lookout for good job openings for her but no wor. She was asking on behalf of a friend what was the market fee for a certain special assignment. We also talked about the job market and how difficult to get staff etc etc and I asked whether she was also looking around. She said no.

    • Of course she will say no.. suka hati dia lah. It’s her mouth – she wanna say one thing to one person, and another thing to another person, it’s up to her.

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