Big Milk

The second day was spent mostly in shopping, which is actually one of the reason I made a trip to Bangkok. Our friend suggested that we go to Jatujak or JJ, as coined by the locals early to avoid the hot sun. When we got there around 9 am, most shops were still not open. We are not sure whether it is because it was a pre-election weekend, hence not all stalls were opened or was it because we were too early?

The buying started to spiral into frenzy when the girls found some dresses at only 100 Baht each. Imagine buy 10 dresses and having to pay only RM100 for all of it! And you get to wear them to formal dinners all throughout the year without fretting what to wear or spend a bomb just to buy one dress to be worn for one wedding/formal dinner!

The girls went on and on buying everything from dresses to pants, to belts, aromatherapy stuffs, and stationary (me only lah, since I couldn’t find anything that fit me here!) and of course, mata kucing (longan). The mata kucing is damn cheap here. My mom said, in KL, a kg would fetch at least RM60. I bought 1kg of longan at 450 Baht only. If you cook and would like to make soup using sotong (in hokkien it’s called jiu hu) – it’s rather cheap too, selling at 350 baht per kg as opposed to RM50 back in Malaysia. I didn’t buy any coz I couldn’t remember how much was it!

As the girls were too busy looking at clothes, I was waiting for them when a group of monk came my way. I saw people giving donations – even Thais who are manning shops, so I guess it’s safe to give them some money. I put some into their donation box when they walked by me and suddenly, the 3 younger monks chanting a blessing rather loudly in front of me. I was taken by surprise! I thought it was really hilarious because it’s like advertising you just donated to them. Geez… prefer to do it in a more quiet way.. I guess I will just stick to donating in temples!

After getting lost in Jatujak for a few hours, we decided to hit the mall for places with air conditioners! Actually visiting Bangkok in June is kinda ideal because it was cooling – a little bit of sun, mainly cloudy and it was really windy, with a splatter of rain once awhile. We managed to make our way to Platinum Mall taking a ride in cab. The cabbie wore a towel around his head. He looked like some muay thai boxer. I didn’t get a good look at him because the seat in front was too near to the wind shield and I didn’t even get to adjust the seat when he stepped on the gas. Cabbies here drive like they are always in a hurry, but the thing is, it’s always jam so… I simply don’t understand lor, what’s the rush? Haha.

The girls said, whenever we were stuck in a jam, the cabbie would keep looking into a small mirror to check out if there’s any food stuck in his teeth. Disgusting! LOL! I didn’t notice coz I was sitting too near to the wind screen!

I haven’t been to Platinum Mall but was told that, we could get all kinds of things here. It looked like Sg Wang to me – but more crowded. The girls didn’t actually find the things they want. Of course, things in Jatujak are definitely cheaper compare to Platinum Mall and the quality is better. So, we have to pay a higher price for better quality stuffs. You can only get things cheaper if you buy two items and above. They would normally give you 10 – 20% discount if you buy a second piece. A friend told me, they would only give discount if you buy 3 items and above but I guess things had changed.

The sizes in Thailand are a little tricky though. If you are wearing M, be prepared to buy L or XL here because even a small petite girl like a Thai lass we met is wearing L. So, when Gas Stove found out she was wearing L, she asked for XL size. We asked the girl’s mom who is manning the shop – why her daughter is so petite, yet she wore such big size, her mom answered, “She big milk!” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! Meaning she has big breasts! It was hilarious!

Then another group of young girls came to a shop and I overheard them complaining in Cantonese – “Shit! She said I wear L worr! Godamn it!” She cannot accept that she is wearing L.

I wanted to chip in to say – “Hello? I no size?” Hahahaha!

It was damn funny when Gas Stove purposely teased the shop owners if they have anything in my size (meaning XXXXXXL). Terrible! It was actually quite hilarious to see their faces when they were put in such awkward position to tell me the truth! Haha! However, they always managed to stay polite and utter in their limited English, “No size, Maam.”

After almost 10 hours of shopping like mad person, we went back to hotel to unload our shopping for the day. It was shocking to see how many things we have bought and all for only Rm300 to Rm400 – can you imagine? Haha! We can stretch our ringgit here to the max! It’s no surprise that Bangkok is a shopping haven for us, Malaysians. Our Thai friend said – you will spend at least 5,000 baht at Platinum Mall. Naah.. we spent more money in Jatujak! Look here!

This is only the first day of shopping….

We took a quick shower and took the BTS to Onnut. The nearest BTS station to Aor’s house in Bangna. Aor came to fetch us to her local favorite restaurant. We had the most delicious meal in Thailand! We ordered the tofu with spring onions, stir fried lala with basil leaves, tom yum (something similar to tom yum but not tom yum or kheng som, not sure what is it called!), Kai Yeaw Ma – Pad Ga Pao (minced pork with century egg and basil leaves), calamari in salted egg and a plate of vege. It only costs us 370 baht!

We went to have dessert after that. It’s like some Thai style lin chee kang and it was really nice!

We bid Aor good bye by 11.30 pm – since BTS closed at 12 am, we made our way home after we took a short ride to see the new Suan Lum night market.

4 thoughts on “Big Milk

  1. eh, i bought a pair of shorts similar to those in the front row (i got the lime green one). only rm5, right?! i regretted not getting more, coz there’s no fitting room and i was worried it won’t fit me.

  2. Wah…. Looking at the amount of stuff you all bought…. You sure you’re not setting up a stall at the pasar malam kah?

    • Not mine actually – those belong to my travel mates. I just bought 6 pens, a pack of longan and some aromatherapy oils on the first day of shopping. Haha. Those things belong to many other people -some are just bought on behalf.

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