Cabbie Stories

Well, we spent third day and fourth day in Grand Palace, Central World and MBK so I guess there’s nothing much to write about except, you people should get English speaking guide when you are in Grand Palace. I went there twice and didn’t even get to know the temple in detail! And it’s free! The thing is you should not follow the guide till out of the Grand Palace because you couldn’t gain entry again. There’s no re-entry after you get out from the temple compound. Part from the guide before he leads you out from the compound to get your 350 Baht worth!

So, am going to write about the cabbies we met in Bangkok. One thing I like about Bangkok is the many, many cabs. Me, being a lazy ass, really hate taking the train because we will need to walk some distance just to get to BTS. I prefer to haul a cab and hop into it to get to where I want to go, without walking in the sun!

Apart from the cab driver who looks like a muay thai boxer, when we got out from Grand Palace, I was smart enough this time not to fall prey on the 5 minutes thingy. We got onto the first cab and woe is us when the guy spoke to us in his haltering English about taking us to shopping places. He said he would charge us only 50 Baht per cab if we agree to follow him to the designated shops for him to get his petrol coupons. Well, I know that we would be going round and round for at least 45 minutes before we could even reach Central World. So, I immediately signal the girls to get down from the cab!

We hop into another cab behind this one and insisted that he uses the meter! The elderly cabbie is a little weird too. He kept on clapping his hands on and off while waiting in the traffic jam. If I didn’t read the book from Dr Chiu-Nan Lai, I would probably think he has gone bonkers! Clapping is actually good to stimulate “chi” or life force throughout the body – for general health maintenance.

He asked us how much the cabbie in front is charging us to take us to Central World from Grand Palace and we told him 50 baht. He said, there is no way! The way to Central World is very jam and usually cabbies would prefer not to go there. So in a way, we should thank him lah – if that’s what he’s fishing for. Haha! It’s funny that, only Gas Stove could understand what he’s talking about coz he didn’t speak a word of English. We communicated via sign language and making weird noises. Haha.

On our way to airport on the last day, we paid 400 Baht for a cab for 3 people. If we want to use the express way, we have to pay additional 60 Baht. Not wanting to risk the jam, we decided to pay for expressway.

One thing is when you are getting out of Bangkok, make sure you get to the airport at least 2 hours before departure. The clearance at immigration is really bottle necked. You would need at least 30 minutes just to pass immigration with many people trying to cut your queues! It’s already our final call when we got into the boarding lounge.

As we landed in Kuala Lumpur, we got into a cab driven by one elderly man in his 60s. We thought of getting some updates on what’s going on in the country while we were gone for four days, only to be filled with stories of some politicians’ sex stories involving rear ends. He made it even more distasteful when he couldn’t stop talking about anal sex and blow jobs throughout the entire journey that we felt damn embarrassed to be sitting in the same taxi as him. We totally ignored him and yet, he couldn’t stop mumbling happily about it. I wonder if he would say the same thing if he’s fetching male customers. Since he’s old (dirty old bastard!) and if he tries to do anything funny or perverted, I am positive that I could overpower him anytime – kicked him out of his own cab and drove home myself!

12 thoughts on “Cabbie Stories

  1. Hahaha…Bangkok Cabbies are a funny lot lar. I had this taxi motosai (motorcycle taxi) driver that used to live opposite where I stayed. Used to give me free rides to the BTS station😉 I repaid him by buying him a beer every now and then🙂

    • Ah.. yes.. I dare not take motorsai though. I think I would be a hazard on two wheels on the road… Haha! Good ole Bangkok times, eh?

    • Well, since we took the cab from the airport – we had to pre pay for it so we had no choice but to endure his dirty banter till home. I was with my cousin – so we are safe in numbers.. if given choice, I would have asked him to stop the cab and I would take another one!

  2. that happened to me here in sandland! the perverted pakistani driver started talking abt by his filipino gf prefers pakistani guys (coz they’re “big”) and then asked what’s my preference! i was alone in the taxi, so i just cooly stared at him and said, “u’re not supposed to say these things to your clients. i can call the police, you know?” he shut up immediately.

    one thing good abt here is, such hanky-panky is not tolerated. if a someone tries to be funny, esp towards the women folk, a phone call to the police is enough to get these perverts deported!

    • Yes… also, this perverted guy also said – why the girls prefer black guys? Because they really can “jilat”. Can you imagine one 60 year old grandfather talking to you like this?

      I really wanted to ask him to shut up. I just worried he might just dump us by the road side only – you know how cabbies in Malaysia are – they are like kings!

      A friend who worked in Saudi Arabia told me – it’s vice versa there .. if a man tries to molest you – if you report to police – they blame it on the woman folk instead for seducing the man!!!

  3. When it concerns cabbies, macam macam ada …. ham sap ones, political ones, racist ones, quiet ones, noisy ones, rude ones, crooked ones, honest ones, directionless ones (literally) … sigh,

    • Ya.. but the nice ones are those you help to push their cab a few hundred metres away from airport. Hahaha! I remember your African trip!

      • Ahahahaa…. you remembered… no lah, helped push his cab to the Petronas station in KLIA….. no gas, no petrol…haiz…

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