The Encounter

I am not too sure whether our “encounter” on the last night while in Bangkok was real, or was it merely a figment of our imagination.

I always make sure that I knock the door to my room whenever I stay in a hotel and I knock it every damn day before going in! This time – the last day, we just returned from our endless shopping when Gas Stove stumbled into the room without knocking. I did notice it but I brushed it aside. Anyhow, we had a lovely 2 nights staying there.

Then, the girls took their baths and went for the body massage while I stayed in the room by myself. I started packing to ensure that everything can be packed in my luggage because I didn’t want to carry things around in the airport!

The girls came back and we decided against going for supper. Afterall, it was already 11.30 pm and I don’t think I want to eat anymore since we had a huge dinner – thanks to the chef who initially said, the dumplings were finished but he came with the dumplings anyway and didn’t charge us for them!

So, while the two girls were still chatting, I drifted in between sleep till I finally slept.

I woke up suddenly when I heard noises in the room. It’s like someone was trying to plug the electrical appliance to a socket but failed. So, the noise was rather loud. I was thinking, it might come from another room – since our bed is aligned to the wall next to the room. I woke up and the noise stopped.

I tried to get back to sleep but was disturbed throughout the night. I could hear knockings on the wall, the door, people walking through the passage way. Then suddenly, I heard a woman humming just beside my ears. I was startled and I woke up. Thank God, the humming stopped. Otherwise, I would pee in my pants! The room was cold but I could feel my forehead and neck sweating beads.

I recited whatever things that came across my mind to calm my nerves. Started with, “Namo amitabha” , “the Lord is my Shepherd” and somehow ended singing Ern Ern’s favorite song, “Five Little Ducks” in my head. I wanted to go to the loo badly but I was afraid. It was a relief when I saw the day break through the window, I quickly got up to go to the bathroom.

I didn’t speak of this matter till we were preparing to go home. Gas Stove said, she felt someone was shaking her leg vigorously like how her mom would shake her leg in the morning when she was still in school. The shaking was so hard that it woke her up. She was in a daze and could see there was no one. Then she tried to get back to sleep but felt that someone is pulling her blanket downwards. Since she’s sharing the bed with another friend, if the friend were to pull her blanket, it would be towards her left. She pulled the blanket back up and covered her head and slept. And all these happened within the few hours when I felt something was wrong but both of us didn’t say anything!

Our other roomie didn’t feel or encounter anything, she slept like a log throughout the night. I guess this should be merely games that tired minds are playing! I certainly hope this is my first and last time to encounter such things when I am traveling!

15 thoughts on “The Encounter

  1. …. ROTFL – reciting ‘Five Little Ducks’ to ward off evil…. well, that’s a first!!!!!

    It worked I guess – coz whatever the ‘thing’ was, it was probably too busy trying to figure out what the heck of a mantra that was, to bother you any further…. quack quack🙂

    • Yes… I guess singing it too many times to my niece somehow made my brain automatically sing that song in time of distress (when my niece is crying non stop).. Hahaha! Yes.. it’s a quack solution!

  2. Interestings stuff.

    Reminds of my colleague’s encounter. She stayed in a Bukit Bintang to do shopping with two friends. (Maybe these things appear when there is a threesome). They did their shopping and had a great sleep.

    The next morning, when they woke up, all their shoes were lined up neatly against the wall in one straight line………

    They checked out immediately….

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