Coral White

We woke up early for breakfast. It was raining the night before, so I guess the sea is going to be even more choppy today. I was right. The moment we got to Marine Park (by the way, you need to pay RM5 each person at the jetty before going into the islands), the wave was strong. It was dangerous to even climb on the jetty! We had to go with the rhythm of the crashing waves!

We waited to be briefed before going into the sea, didn’t want to kena screwed for not listening again! After the short briefing, I looked at the sea and was apprehensive! The waves came crashing to the shore in its entire splendor! Didn’t want to risk it, we went to the other side, in which the waves looked less intimidating.

I was telling them, we saw moray eel here before, under the jetty. I am not sure if the moray eel is still alive, seeing the polluted waters! The water was rather hazy – just like the sky in KL! Everything in the water seemed murky, not sure if it’s due to the crashing waves. I don’t know this place can be a marine park since most corals are dead. It’s like a coral graveyard. Everything is white in color, littered with rubbish especially plastic bags from all the fish bread! I even saw tyres! There are more people than fishes. I doubt the moray eel is still there with the amount of pollution. Probably migrated elsewhere!

The pounding waves made it rather difficult to swim, so I decided to “drift” ashore. I didn’t see any of my friends anymore – it’s difficult to remain together because we were all bobbing in the sea according to the rhythm of the waves. It proved to be a mistake because I was washed ashore mercilessly by the waves. I was laughing when I landed on the shore – not because it was fun! I saw a Chinese girl also being washed ashore and she tumbled like a ragged doll. Luckily her bikini didn’t fall off! For once, I thanked God that I am heavy! I suffered some scratches on my left leg as I crashed into the dead corals sand.

I quickly got up and saw Ms Han and Yuin were already at the beach. They too, find it impossible to snorkel in the waves. We couldn’t locate Ms KNS (kanasai – lol!) and was shocked to see her already sitting at the floating platform far away in the sea. She gained admiration for doing just that from the group of screaming girls who don’t know how to swim – the ones that came with us to the island in the same boat earlier. Haha!

We got back to the resort to have our meals because we were super hungry, fighting off the waves. Then we waited again for the next snorkeling session, spent one hour playing poker. More like teaching poker to Ms KNS.

The second spot to snorkel for the day was not too bad. The water was clear and I could see corals from the boat itself, so I didn’t go into the sea. There were two non-swimmer girls who didn’t buckle their life jackets properly. One jumped into the sea first, only to have the jacket moved up and covered her face. She was frantic and Mr Moody (one of the fellas who ticked us off at the snorkeling gears counter) helped her and soothed her. She was choking in sea water and kept spitting. I think she cried from the grimace of her face. Before her friend joined her in the water, I quickly helped her to buckle her life jacket properly to save her from the same experience.

Speaking of life jacket – you guys really have to take it seriously when the instructor tells you to wear your life jacket all the time. Our friend – Yuin had the scare of his life when he swam past the perimeter near our resort to the open sea. The sea was too choppy and he had to cling onto the buoy to stay afloat. Worse, he realized the buoy would eventually lead him to the bottom of the sea. He had no choice but to swim against the current to get back to the shore. We were all worried for him and kept looking at the sea for his silhouette. He went missing for awhile till he suddenly showed up at the shore behind us instead of from the sea!

We got back from Pulau Lima and decided to swim in the clear blue sea before tea time. It was enjoyable. I think it would be even more fun to have spent the whole morning nearby our resort, rather than going to the marine park – which is a serious waste of time! Ah…. I wish I am still soaking in the clear, blue waters, staring up in the blue skies and think of nothing.

We spent the entire evening, basking in the sun and swim, but for me – I went back earlier to take a bath and then joined them to take photos.

During dinner, we were supposed to pay RM30 for bringing our own wine so we decided to keep it low key. Mana tau, when the sparkling wine was popped, it was so loud that the entire crowd stared at us. I said, if they ask us to pay, I will tell them it’s just fruit juice and down the bottle on the spot. Luckily they didn’t push it and asked us to pay. We quickly got out from the dining area before the pub starts operating! Speaking of being kiasu! Haha!

It started raining like cats and dogs when we got back to our room and again, I thanked God we didn’t took a stroll at the beach, otherwise, we would be all soaked in the rain! We wanted to play some cards or perhaps, chit chat and drink the last bottle of vodka, but again, the day ended unceremoniously as we went comatose in bed after plastering masks on our faces and snored the night away.

8 thoughts on “Coral White

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  2. Oh, island bliss. Haven’t hit the islands for ages…. The last we were at a beach, was in Beserah and Cherating ….and we were shocked to be confronted with hundreds of jelly fish washed up along the beach and in the water…. Seriously, it was hundreds … dunno whether it was water pollution, increased sea water temperature as a result of global warming…. Or just plain seasonal… But it was definitely not swimmable, then.

    • There are jelly fishes here too but not as many! Hundreds?? It must be really scary! But then, I am not sure if we could swim in Cherating waters … it’s like PD. Dirty!

      • Yah man, it truly was a ‘seeing is believing’ moment…… It’s like you see a random stretches of slime in the sand… And before you know it, you’re confronted with clumps and clumps of the jelly fish washed up…. All along the beach.. I’d like to think it was a freaky seasonal phenomena.. Like beached whales or something… But really dunno what happened, I googled it at the time, but did not get any significant hits…

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